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Important Update: eSIM QR Code Now Included in Activation Summary Emails

Hi Community, We're happy to share some news that aims to make your eSIM installation process smoother and easier. As of June 15, we've started including an eSIM QR code in our activation summary emails. Why does this matter? If you encounter any dif...

Ck_PM by Public Mobile
  • 111 replies
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Troubleshooting Login Issues: OTP, 2FA, EverSafe

Hey Community, We are working very hard to resolve errors some of you are facing when logging in or creating a new ID. For Eversafe ID specific issues, our agents are currently unable to support a fix. Please hang tight until we provide an update.  I...

A_CX_PM by Public Mobile
  • 183 replies
  • 25 Bravos

Resolved! Billing

Do i get a bill emailed to me every month?

FrancesSmith by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 11 replies
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Confusing messaging on new promos and plans

Does anyone else find these promos and plan a little confusing? I thought pm had eliminated the $45/6gb plan? Who in their right mind would pay the "non-sale" price of $50 for it? The lack of any terms and conditions for the 1gb of plan data promotio...

Screenshot_20210503-103020.png Screenshot_20210503-102839~2.png Screenshot_20210503-103039.png

no talk available

I have access to my mothers cell phone account and it wont take calls  says no talk available? account is up to date and paid 

kakie by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 14 replies
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Phone Number Recovery

Hello Mobile Community!recently my account got closed so I lost my number and everything attached to it!So now I am here asking is there a possibility to recover my previous public mobile number?Thanks in advance all, hopefully i can get it back.*edi...

Forsaken by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 6 replies
  • 1 Bravos

How to contribute to the Community

I've found an excellent free app that improves the basic Voicemail - provides voice to text + receives messages when your phone is turned off and would like to tell the community.

Plan expired?

I received a text today saying I had only 10 minutes remaining on my plan. Which made no sense. I'm set up for auto-renewal AND the renewal date is set for tomorrow. AND I'm sitting on over 1600 minutes of available time. Had no time to investigate a...

rgutter by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 11 replies
  • 1 Bravos

Resolved! Voicemail from different country

Hi, I am going on trip to different country. How can I check my voicemail online and can I extend my limit so I can know when who tried to call me during my travel??

Buddy44 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! Re: auto pay plan change = no outgoing calls

Cannot make any outgoing calls with this plan. I'm on my first month and it's telling me I'm out of minutes and I haven't used but 10 minutes on the plan. I have 100. What is going on? Also, when you call 611 you can't speak to a rep it's only self-s...

jvilleneuve61 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 4 replies
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2 seperate convos

Hello new here,So it only happens when MY boyfriend texts me..But it'll show up as 2 diffrent conversations but from the same number... Does that make sense? So were having a conversation but some of his texts will start as a new convo even tho its t...

Woke_AF3 by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 13 replies
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Resolved! Re: Is there any way to speak to a human at Public Mobile?

There was 36.50 taken off of my card on april 28. That I did not authorize and would like it back on my card xxxx, Richard xx. And do not take it off again I am having the card shut off you will not be able to do it again refund my money  Edit by mim...

Rrichard7 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 3 replies
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trying to get sim activated and number port

Ive been trying to 4 days know to get my number changed from telus to public mobile my public mobile account is made and it says its activated but when i put the sim in nothing happenswhen i put in my old telus sim it still works can someone please h...

kanaduh3 by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 41 replies
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Resolved! iphone compatibility 3G

Hi, I notice most plans are 3G data but from what I am reading iPhone 12 doesn't support 3G any longer so I guess many other vendors will follow now that 5G is available.  Will Public Mobile provide 4G/LTE service at some point or will it remain 3G ?...

clasha by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! Trouble with account

I've had a plan for a while, but I'm trying to change my payment method because the credit card sometimes gets suspended.  Whenever I try to make a self serve account, the 6-digit text verification never sends even after repeated attempts. I know for...

MarcoGuo by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 11 replies
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Resolved! Plan includes talk time but not working

Hi everyone,  Recently changed my plan online. I upgraded my plan to have more data. The plan I choose has unlimited province and Canada calling but when I go to make a call a recording comes on saying my plan doesn’t include talk time. Help please…....

savenkoff by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! trouble accessing account

Hi  so my wife got her mom a public mobile account and it been pre paying for a while now using her credit card.  She switched cards and forgot about updating  her account.  Now her moms phone has been suspended because of unpaid bills.  She for got ...

kchen by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 4 replies
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Failure to use my sim card and number

My number is 1 306 xxx xxxxI registered in dec 2020 since then I have never been able to use that number.It says that it does not recognize my e mail yet public mobile sends notices to same e mail.i have a credit purchased in dec 2020.i have worked o...

Calnacon by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 7 replies
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