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Resolved! Send MMS using iPhone 4

I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2. Also, I've got an old $25 plan with unlimited picture messaging. Unfortunately I can not send or receive any.I called PM Support and they told me I need to update my iOS up to version 8. But I can't do it because th...

Gavran by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
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Resolved! Overage charges?

I've got to say: I really dig the idea of being able to pick and choose the voice, text, and data options I want, and not having to pay for what I don't. But here's what I'm wondering: What if I choose an option that's right for my ordinary use but I...

dave by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
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Resolved! Adding images

Hi everyone, is there anyway to add images to thread body or this feature not available yet?Thanks

DK by Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
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What is the Public Lab?

The Public Lab is where all the best ideas are concocted. Please share your thoughts with us as we regularly review suggestions from our Community to make Public Mobile better. And don't forget to Bravo an idea if you like it. Start sharing your idea...

Mat_F by Retraité / Retired
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What is the Public Knowledge Base?

The Public Knowledge Base is the place where we capture everything that our Community knows, or needs to know, about Public Mobile and we make it available to everybody. Our goal is to provide useful and trusted information on pretty much everything ...

Knowledge base.jpeg
Mat_F by Retraité / Retired
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My Phones say "Unregistered Sim" or "Emergency Calls Only"

First thing to try is powering down your device and removing the sim card and, if possible, the battery Wait a minute and then reinstall the sim and battery. Restart your device.Didn't work?Check and be sure you're not in Airplane or Flight Mode.Stil...

Chad by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
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Why can’t I earn rewards?

Customers who joined Public Mobile prior to January 27th are enjoying exclusive pricing and additional services not available to new customers. In order to maintain this exclusive pricing, we are unable to offer additional rewards at this time.

Mansi_G by Retraité / Retired
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IMEI Checker

Here at Public Mobile, you bring your own phone and activate it using a Public Mobile SIM card. While we don’t sell phones, there are a number of ways you can get a phone that suits your needs. You just need to make sure that your phone is unlocked a...

Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
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Who can earn Rewards?

Only Public Mobile customers (i) on Rewards eligible plans, and (ii) who have active accounts in good standing: Rate Plan eligibility: All in-market plans as of January 27, 2015 are eligible for Rewards except for the 10-day plans that are not eligib...

Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
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What do Canada-wide minutes really mean?

If you're on a Canada-wide plan, you can call anywhere in Canada from anywhere in Canada without paying long distance rates! With our great Canada-wide plans, every call you make within Canada covers you from coast to coast at no additional charge.

Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 6 replies
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Community Reward

Updated on June 25, 2018 The Community Reward How does it work? Based on your level of involvement with our Community, you can earn up to $20 every 30 days. The amount you are rewarded depends on your contribution level relative to overall contributi...

1.png Fig2.png Fig3.png
Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 463 replies
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Refer-a-Friend Reward

Updated on June 8, 2018 The Refer a Friend Reward How does it work? It’s simple: you will earn $1 every 30 days for each friend you refer to Public Mobile who enters your phone number in the Referral box during activation. Plus, your friend will rece...

Fig4.png Fig2.png Fig3.png
Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
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AutoPay Reward

Updated on June 18, 2018 The Autopay Reward How does it work? Set up AutoPay and you will receive a $2 credit every 30 days. For 90-day plans, you receive a $6 credit every 90 days. Who Can Earn Rewards? To be eligible to earn Rewards, you must have:...

Fig2.png Fig3.png
Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 115 replies
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Loyalty Pays

Updated on June 18, 2018 The Loyalty Reward How does it work? On the first plan renewal date, after 12 months of tenure as a Public Mobile member, you will begin to earn a recurring Loyalty Reward for as long as you remain an active Public Mobile cus...

Fig2.png Fig3.png
Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 109 replies
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How do I setup data on my non-Public Mobile Android phone?

If you’re having trouble with data on your non-Public Mobile Android smartphone, you may need to configure your network settings for Public Mobile. The steps below may not be exactly the same on your particular phone but they should help you to get g...

Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 4 replies
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Where can I buy payment vouchers?

You may locate retailers who sell Payment Vouchers in the updated list below In the Greater Toronto Area you can contact the nearest store locations of the following retailers and ask them if they sell Public Mobile Payment Vouchers as well as which ...

Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 49 replies
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Where can I buy a phone to use with Public Mobile?

Public Mobile is a new kind of no-frills business, built on simple ideals with a co-operative approach to wireless. We don’t sell phones but don’t worry, there are a number of options available for customers to purchase an affordably priced phone. Th...

Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 235 replies
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What kind of SIM card do I need for my phone?

Here's a list of devices, and the type of SIM card they take. Additional devices are always being introduced so if you see a missing device and know what kind of SIM card it takes, please reply with the addition below.

Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
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What is Enhanced-911 (E-911)?

E-911 is a 911 service that allows an emergency operator to use your wireless phone number to find your location automatically when you call 911. Public Mobile offers two different phases of Enhanced 911: Phase 1 E-911 determines your location based ...

Lachlan_M by Retraité / Retired
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