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Important Update: eSIM QR Code Now Included in Activation Summary Emails

Hi Community, We're happy to share some news that aims to make your eSIM installation process smoother and easier. As of June 15, we've started including an eSIM QR code in our activation summary emails. Why does this matter? If you encounter any dif...

Ck_PM by Public Mobile
  • 116 replies
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Troubleshooting Login Issues: OTP, 2FA, EverSafe

Hey Community, We are working very hard to resolve errors some of you are facing when logging in or creating a new ID. For Eversafe ID specific issues, our agents are currently unable to support a fix. Please hang tight until we provide an update.  I...

A_CX_PM by Public Mobile
  • 183 replies
  • 26 Bravos

Not Again...

So these issues have been occurring again since the recent update... exact same as my last posts from months ago so I am not writing it all again.. please review.

Priority by Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire
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Resolved! Activation fail

Hello,I am a new user from Quebec. I moved my mobile line from Videotron to Public Mobile.I have been using a physical SIM and now I moved to Public with an e-SIM.Almost right away, I got a message from Videotron that the transfer request was made. I...

Gensay by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! Lost phone number

Help!! I just installed a new Public Mobile SIM card (I had a PM eSIM before). I set everything up - at least I thought I did - and deleted the eSIM. Now my phone number no longer works! Have I lost it forever or is there some way I can get it back?!...

Mehrm by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 8 replies
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5G support on S21 FE 5G

Hey all, I just ported it from a different company to this company and my phone supports 5G and my phone is Samsung S21 FE 5G, but I'm not getting 5G network on my phone. Even if the settings is on 5G/4G/3G auto, I didn't get 5G, so please guide me w...

Luckk2024 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 9 replies
  • 1 Bravos

Resolved! do loyalty benefits carry over?

I am on the old plan where referrals get me $1 off per month and each year with Public Mobil gets me $1 off per month as well on the 3G - 1GB plan I currently have.  I just saw the $34 plan for 50 GB at 5G and am considering switching over to that pl...

OldnRusty1 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 4 replies
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Unable to update payment info

Hello, I lost my current credit card linked to my account. I tried to enter my new card number and it repeatedly tells me to try again later. Can someone help me, I'll be without a phone when it tries to renew for the month. Thank you

fishrod by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 3 replies
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Porting number failed - do I need a new sim

I am setting up my Aunt with PM.  We activated her account and put the new SIM in requested them to port the old number.  It wasn't working so called the porting team.  They said the number can't be ported as it was deactivated.They gave us a new num...

Unable to transfer my Koodo number to public mobile

I recently purchased a plan from Public mobile and attempt to activate by transferring number from Koodo. However, the activation is not successful and got stuck. I need help from Public Mobile CS to handle this

GongGong by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 8 replies
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Activation mess

Trying to switch from Koodo to PM and ran into the final step 6/6 activation error and couldn't connect to PM network. Contacted CS and they got the sim card activated so I could connect to the PM network, but I'm only able to call, incoming calls do...

LeoSky by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 2 replies
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2FA - Wrong number

I ported my phone finally after 7 hour with support...Now my account showing wrong phone number for 2FA but I have updated it in my settings to be correct. Anyway to fix this as support is mad slow 

RickyTran by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! Ported my number but...

Hi Guys, I ported my number from physical sim (freedom mobile) to PM (e-sim). It's been more than 5 hours since I approved the transfer request sent by Freedom, my Freedom sim is still showing signal bar on my phone. My Freedom sim is getting all inc...

Edee by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 2 replies
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Activation not working

Went to set up account activation and received message it was unsuccessful and to contact customer service.

Vlam by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 2 replies
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No texts in or out

I changed my cell phone number to Public Mobile from Koodo 2 weeks ago and haven't had texting ability since. Everything else seems ok though.

TLabecki by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 10 replies
  • 0 Bravos

Slow data on new activation

Hi,anyone having slow internet i just activated the $34 plan 5G 50 GB CAN-USA plan internet is extremely slow speed test showing 0.41 mbs sometimes i can get 1.4 mbps i moved my sim to another phone to rule out my android with same results. 

Joester801 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 5 replies
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Someone with PM please contact me

I am trying to assist my parents in accessing their account. They both are unable to do so as apparently their emails and passwords are both incorrect (even though they each only have one email), as a result they are unable to login here to ask for a...

Reason by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 4 replies
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Not receiving 6-digit code

My friend recently got PublicMobile, but she's not able to login to her account because she does not receive the 6-digit code, even after clicking 'Resend code' multiple times. She is not able to ask for support because she can't even login. Please h...

PS236 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 6 replies
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Subscription not activated

I am part way through the process of signing up and This popped up  {Subscription not activated } also it says below something didn't go right while activating your subscription and to contact my customer support agent. When I try nothing happens.

Gregm1 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! E-sim Activation failed - no service now - URGENT

I subscribed to the $34 CA-US plan and ported my number from Virgin Plus.I got a notification prompt on my iPhone 14 pro to install the eSIM. I hit yes and it kept spinning for a while. I got a prompt stating to continue setting up while we activate ...

Rajendran by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 6 replies
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cant sign into app and set up new account

so waited forever for the the sim card to get here and now i cant sign into the app and finish setting up my account?i checked every post and tried those links and nothing is working! this is not a great start!

codyk by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 3 replies
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Lost phone

My son lost his phone today and we cannot log into My Account to suspend the account.  We cannot get the 2FA response and email is not an option on the resend.  I've tried the workarounds that have been posted in other threads but we cannot get in.  ...

Zoes_acct by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 1 replies
  • 0 Bravos

Changing device

Can I use my current plan on a new phone? If yes, how is the procedure? I use eSim. Thanks

shay1942 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 7 replies
  • 1 Bravos

Subscription Not Activated

Got to end of process on App, received this message, Subscription Not Activated - something went wrong, etc. As suggested in a post, I tried logging out, waited 5 mins, log back in and after entering the validation code I received via email, it logge...

HarryKaun by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Data Add-Ons Disappeared

Hello,I've just realized that my unused data add-ons (holiday bonuses, etc) that had no expiry date have disappeared from my account. I am suspecting that this is because I had switched to an "unlimited" data plan. Now that I am switching to the CAN-...

Sferguson by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 7 replies
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