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Important Update: eSIM QR Code Now Included in Activation Summary Emails

Hi Community, We're happy to share some news that aims to make your eSIM installation process smoother and easier. As of June 15, we've started including an eSIM QR code in our activation summary emails. Why does this matter? If you encounter any dif...

Ck_PM by Public Mobile
  • 111 replies
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Troubleshooting Login Issues: OTP, 2FA, EverSafe

Hey Community, We are working very hard to resolve errors some of you are facing when logging in or creating a new ID. For Eversafe ID specific issues, our agents are currently unable to support a fix. Please hang tight until we provide an update.  I...

A_CX_PM by Public Mobile
  • 183 replies
  • 25 Bravos

Resolved! I need real support

I am getting SIM card puk, I don’t have this and near did. I have submitted a ticket but no fix yet? Does someone know what to do

Al72 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! my plan

my plan says 100 minutes while the advertised plan says unlimited minutesfor the same pricewhy the difference ?

kamala1947 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Account Activation without CC/VDeb

I am trying to activate an account for both my girlfriend and I, and we do not own a Credit Card/Visa Debit. We have already purchased our SIM cards and also both have enough prepaid vouchers to start our billing cycle, I have already tried to create...

Resolved! Previous transactions

Hello.  I need to know all my transactions for 2022 (income tax).  In my account, the transaction history starts for some reason in April 2022, although I've been with Public Mobile for several years.  I think I changed credit cards in 2022 (thus cha...

Carmelo by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! Voicemail

Hi, How can I delete my voicemail greeting. I recorded by mistake. I know how to re-record but I don’t want to have greeting on my voicemail. I want to have this ( you have reached mailbox no. xxxx). Can anyone give me some suggestions how to do that...

Thamir by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Mobile data hasn't worked for two days

Hi, I made a recent trip to the US and didn't use my phone. but got a message from public Mobile welcoming me to the states. I do go often with no issues.Later back home I noticed that the mobile data wasn't working.It is an Android phoneI can't find...

RMUSE by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Hello I went to renew my plan today.

Went to renew and it look like the charge went through, however minutes were not in my account and my bank hadn't recorded the transaction. At that point I decided to look at some new plans as I do periodically. Then decided I was going to switch to ...

Resolved! I lost my sim card

Hi! I accidentally got lost my sim card. Is there any ways that I can get a new sim card with the same number I used before? Thank you so much!

ppminh46 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 17 replies
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Resolved! Public Mobile

How do I reset my login email i forgot the email and i want to change it how can i do so?

musa775 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! payment issues

Hello,I have automatic payment scheduled on my account and previously there has never been an issue, however, my payment will not go through today as I keep getting an "oops, sorry something went wrong. please try again later" error.I have contacted ...

Snez by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 7 replies
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Error code 404

I am trying to change the credit card on my account but I can not access my payment method page. It comes up with the message, "Error code 404" try again. This the the second day of trying.Thank you

lindaseymour2 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! no calls

All my incoming calls go directly to voice mail

steve1963 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! Can initiate calls cannot receive

I have just switched to public mobile and i wish to retain my old number - a telus number originally - then switched to phone-go in waterloo.  Now I wish to activate this number on Public Mobile.  The instructions said to insert the old sim card - we...

BryantJoan17 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! resetting a password

i am trying to reset my fathers account. the password rest feature is non functioning: i submit acceptable passwords without error however next login attempt fails. this has looped on several attempts. what options do i have to get this fixed?  can i...

njames by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! No service

Travelled to Paris and noticed I do not have service.

Suztoup by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 5 replies
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I tried activating my PM sim on Thursday and received error code 837 However my cellular on phone shows it’s with Public Mobile. I can email and send some texts although other texts are “not delivered”. I haven’t been billed yet by public mobile. not...

Arebizant by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! Trying to leave public

So I'm trying to leave public to go to telus. When tells sent the request to port my number my phone went into SOS mode and won't receive anything. It's now been a day my temporary telus number works with my new telus sim but my public number (the on...

Keira1234 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Porting not complete after several days

Hello folks, seems as though the porting may not have completed after switching from Bell. It's been several days with being able to make calls but not receive calls or texts. Can you please send me the number I can call to trigger the porting proces...

jsleeuw by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 2 replies
  • 1 Bravos

Resolved! Way to cancel new plan

Hi there. Signed up fpr and new plan to up grade from an old one but hit sign up now instead of on next billing date. So I have been charged twice now in the last couple days for my phone bill and they don't retro pay you back the last bill. Is there...

dynocridds by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 7 replies
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Add On U.S. Roaming

I paid for 250 MB of U.S. Roaming on March 29th. Just received a text that I had used up 95%. Went on my account and the roaming add on has disappeared. Checked my data usage since March 29th and it adds up to 6.79 MB. What happened to my add on?

elsie4 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 8 replies
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No add on uS roaming credited to my account

I purchased a 15 day US oaring package by redeeming points ( as i have done in the past. Despite receiving a confirmation email from public mobile my account has not been credited and I have no service. Tried to message agents but no response. What’s...

Resolved! contact

I have spent hours on this website trying to find a way to speak to a customer service representative at Public Mobile. Someone please contact me. 

hihihihi by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • 7 replies
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Moto G Pure from Publicmobile store

Just a heads up. Do all the updates system and playstore and your apps over wifi without a sim card.6 plus reboots and and Moto G Pure upgrades to Android 12.Took the better part of a day and do it with on site supervision ie. manually restart the ph...

farmbot by Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
  • 11 replies
  • 1 Bravos

Resolved! Porting question for weekends

Hey guys, I just helped a friend switch over to public and she ported her old number from Bell. Everything went smooth and her data and outgoing calls work but still no incoming calls or text message from Public saying porting was successful. We rest...

Resolved! Account suspended - unable to make or receive calls

I woke up this morning and noticed that my data wasn't working, so I went into my account to see that everything was active. However, there's a problem: my account is actually suspended because I didn't get my comfort allowance (the money I get for l...

Breadroll by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • 8 replies
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