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VoLTE - Phone Compatibility (Community members test results)

Mayor / Maire


It's great VoLTE is finally here!!


Many Community members have confirmed their phones are working but some are not.

Here is a summary I have kept.  Reply this post and I will try to update this first post as I see more


and thanks all for sharing


[update: stopping tagging contributing users as Too many users mentioned. You can @mention only 15 user(s) in a post.]


Working well 

Google Pixel 4XL     @Karnbot13 Link 

Google Pixel 6a.       @wetcoaster Link 

Google Pixel 7          @computergeek541   Link

Google pixel 7 Pro   @Karnbot13  Link 
iPhone 8+                 @hycm53    Link     * US roaming works as well

iPhone 12                @Luddite   Link   

iPhone 13                 @hTideGnow  Link 

iPhone 14                 @LitlLdy  Link          * iOS 16.4

iPhone XR                @Luddite  Link   

Moto E6                     mtnuser    Link 

Motorola G Play 2021 @Kristowhy   Link 
Motorola G Pure      @farmbot Link 

POCO X4 Pro 5G     @Gerry_P Link

Samsung A32 5G      @dust2dust  Link 

Samsung S20 FE      @computergeek541    Link 

Samsung S8+          @BKNS27  Link 
Samsung S9             @BKNS27 Link 
Ulefone Armor x5     @illogique   Link 
Umidigi Bison (2021)  @wetcoaster  Link   *Android 11



Still Working on it

Google Pixel 2          @computergeek541   Link
Google pixel 3a          @DennyCrane Link 
Google Pixel 3a XL     @alexs20 Link 

iPhone SE (2016)        @hairbag1 Link 
Motorola One 5g Ace @Cowboy1968 Link 

Motorola G (3rd Gen)  @computergeek541   Link

Motorola G4 Plus          mtnuser    Link 
Motorola G Play 2021 @Kristowhy  Link       * Koodo prepaid works but not PM

Motorola G Power       @RJR    Link 
OnePlus 9 Pro             @JoyceG Link 
Samsung A13 Pro       @lubmar Link 

Samsung  A32 (A325M DS) @PRJLNW Link 

Samsung A71              @Mister_E  Link

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)     @computergeek541   Link

Samsung S10               @dcliveca    Link 

Samsung S10+               @dcliveca    Link 

Samsung S10e            @rbcam @Link 
Samsung S20FE (international version G7810)   @fx50fh Link 

Samsung S20FE              @dcliveca    Link 

Samsung S7 Edge       @hTideGnow  Link 
Samsung S9                 @Leafsfanatic Link 
Sony Xperia X22          @Karnbot13 Link 

Ulefone Armor X7 Pro     mtnuser    Link 

Umidigi A13 pro           @will13am   Link    **Worked briefly but no longer working

Unihertz Titan Pocket   @IRJ01  Link   *Android 11


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@softech I have an update about my stepdaughters iPhone 11. It currently has the most recent updates and has been restarted. Still no VoLTE for it or the Sony XZ2

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Moto E6 works.

Moto G4 Plus does not work; as expected

Ulefone Armor X7 Pro does not work



updated for the Moto G Play.  Thanks

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@rbcam looks like your account is not enabled yet or device is not whitelisted.  It should say "Registered" when VoLTE is working with your device.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@Kristowhy  - thanks for that. Unfortunately, neither method works on my Samsung S10e. There is no "IMS registration" under SIM status, and the code tries to make a normal phone call. ☹️


I have been using an app called VoLTE Check, which seems to be able to bring up the phone info screen that *#*#4636#*#* does on your phone. It does have "IMS Service Status" in the 3-dot menu. For me this reports "Not Registered"

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@rbcam wrote:

Hi @Kristowhy  - what method do you use to check IMS registration?

Settings --> About Phone --> SIM status

IMS registration is at the bottom.


Or by using the dialer *#*#4636#*#*

Then tap Phone Information

Then tap 3 vertical dots top right choose IMS Service Status


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hi @Kristowhy  - what method do you use to check IMS registration?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle




The Moto G Play 2021 device you have listed is now working on VoLTE.  IMS registration is good and status indicators remain on LTE through all calls.  Hopefully it lasts! 😉   The same device over on Koodo still not registered. ☹️


Edit: No emails or text messages received from PM about VoLTE.  Discovered this only from my frequent checking of IMS registration


try disabling 5g then reset your network settings again and then turn off the device and remove the SIM for 5 min, then reinstall and power it up. if it's still not working you'll have to talk to customer support to reactivate it

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

So I managed to wreck my Pixel 6a (long story...) and while waiting for the replacement ("unlocked" from BestBuy) I put the SIM card into my old Pixel 3a... BAD idea!


VoLTE was active on the previous 6a.

No VoLTE on the 3a. Otherwise everything worked well. (The SIM has been in this phone for 1.5 years before I switched to the 6a...)


The SIM has been in the new 6a (all OS and apps are up-to-date) for a week now. Even after multiple restarts / SIM reseating / network reset / playing with settings etc (in all possible variations) there's no VoLTE on the new Pixel 6a. Put my friend's dog brand SIM into the phone, VoLTE worked immediately and flawlessly.


Whick implies that somehow the phone swap to a phone, that is not on Public Mobile's official list , has deactivated the VoLTE function on the SIM / account??


Really, Public Mobile?!?!? Why can't it be just simple? For you and for us: If VoLTE is active on the account / SIM, just let us use any phone that has the VoLTE feature. This is a BYOD provider, no? So, why the restrictions??


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@dust2dust wrote:

Ok sure. One of the phones in the house is a fully Canadian Samsung A32 5G that just got volte today.

Congrats...time to break out the bubbly!  🎉 🎊  Yet another working device that's not on PM's "list".  😉  But is on the Koodo list..

Mayor / Maire

Ok sure. One of the phones in the house is a fully Canadian Samsung A32 5G that just got volte today.


Sorry, I was busy with my new modem. Had to reinstall all devices, dashcam, security monitor etc and forgot to confirm on previous post.


Yes, confirmed VoLTE is working on the Samsung S8 plus.



I know you're trying to give customers an idea of what will work and what won't, but lists will never be complete.  Telus's own databases have some device missing and/or there are mistake in the compatibility databases.  I recall a situation that Telus's website informed me that the Nokia E73 was compabile with the network. That device has neeither band 2 nor band 5 for 3G.  


Works for VoLTE:

Pixel 7


Not working for VoLTE (at least from my testing):

Moto G (3rd Generation)

Pixel 2

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

The Big 3 (tier 1) providers started VoLTE the same way years ago, only selected phones sold by them are VoLTE their networks.  They opened up the network now to a much bigger selection of phones and now including phones not sold by them


I see PM could be doing the same thing now.  Maybe to avoid the mass move over to VoLTE overnight.  Again, I don't see it keeping this list forever.  The list will expand and most phones will be Compatible to not just VoLTE but compatible to PM's VoLTE at some points 

We've seen it mentioned here that AT&T just simply cancelled accounts that didn't get an LTE phone.

Their use of the term compatible is misleading. My phone is "compatible". It works with a volte provider. volte is volte. It's that they are choosing to restrict devices however they wish.

I am pretty sure PM will loosen up the list eventually,  maybe a complete open up,  or at a minimum,  majority of the "relaible" brands or "last 3 years" phones will be on the compatible list.   Not sure when, but worst case when it is closer to the sunset of 3G network


Especially with PM, it is a prepaid provider and basically a fully BYOD model, I don't see it changing it to a BYO(PM)D model after the sunset.  (I don't see PM forcing people to buy PM approved CPO phones as a requirement to join or stay with PM)


So, I guess patience is the key and it will be rewarded soon  🙂


thanks @rbcam 


I will properly remove it from the Good list if three is no firm confirmation from @BKNS27 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@softech  In the latest message from @BKNS27 it seems to say three things:

- the toggle to enable/disable VoLTE is present in Settings 

- the phones "show LTE" - but no indication of under what circumstances

@BKNS27 said he/she didn't know how to check whether VoLTE is working


On a Samsung phone, it seems like the easiest way to check whether VoLTE is working is:

- turn off WiFi

- make a voice call

- see whether the network status stays at LTE (good) or changes to 4G or 3G (bad)

@softech- That is something an internal tech warned me could happen after I said that some people were seeing it enabled that aren't on any list. They could retract it.

Adding - @farmbot - I would theorize that those other phones would not work. I believe it's the device that gets enabled, not the account.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I meant it,moto G Pure> will work as its on Publicmobile store.

It better or false advertising.

I just got provisioned today.

I will leave sim card in moto G Pure for a few days..

Then swap it out and see if my Ulefone and Blackview "obscure" brands work on VoLTE.

On my end VoLTE not stable yet.  connection time to make call varies but always on Volte on moto G Pure.

Testing for now

@farmbot wrote:

Moto G Pure in southern Alberta now live VoLTE

A couple of reboots

Voila   ✔️


@farmbot   I thought you confirmed it works VoLTE 2 weeks ago already 🙂

@rbcam wrote:

@computergeek541 The list above is pretty consistent with the list at I think the inclusion of a Samsung S8+ and S9 on the list of working phones is an error.


@BKNS27 just to confirm, your S8+ and S9 still working well with VoLTE?  Kindly check


As I said, my S21 US version could work with VoLTE couple days and then no longer working.  So, PM could close the loophole and block out phones 

@rbcam- That's basically what an internal agent told me. It's not about technical capability. It's them limiting devices that they'll enable volte on. Sucks. I mean, there's a ZTE on the list that shouldn't even be being sold in Canada. And some low-level cheap brand TCL's. I mean really. But my international Samsung...go away.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@oldandgrumpy I'm not too surprised the A52 5G worked as well. The PM TS agent told me that PM requires 5G support in the phone for VoLTE. Of course, VoLTE doesn't really require 5G. I strongly suspect that Telus has made the decision to offer minimal VoLTE support on PM, to try to drive PM customers to Koodo or Telus itself.

I also wonder if a US model would be. problematic.  I am sure S21 should and will work.  But my S21 got from US worked briefly and got "unregistered" IMS again 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

There's also devices such as my Pixel 3a XL that work on just fine VoLTE (tested on Rogers), but do not on my VoLTE-enabled PM line (tested with A52 5G).  Interestingly, the A52 5G is NOT on their supported list.  My conclusion is that their current and actual device whitelist is larger than what they have published.  The big question is if PM will eventually whitelist all the devices for which they sent texts indicating that VoLTE is supported. 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Probably.... lucky rolled the dice 

Good timing on my part

The phone went thru a time frame of 20 minutes set up.

First call thru 3 G

Then next 4G HSPA+ showed

Then bam!

Final staging LTE with provisioning enabled.

Faster connection time noticed when placing calls.

@rbcam wrote:

@computergeek541 The list above is pretty consistent with the list at I think the inclusion of a Samsung S8+ and S9 on the list of working phones is an error.


I have been told explicitly by a PM TS person that my Samsung S10e is not and will not be supported. She encouraged me to "upgrade" to Koodo.

The list provided by Public Mobile isn't complete but likely indicates devices that Public Mobile has specifically tested.  For example, I know that Telu's S20 FE 5G works fine on Public Mobile VoLTE but it's not on the list.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@computergeek541 The list above is pretty consistent with the list at I think the inclusion of a Samsung S8+ and S9 on the list of working phones is an error.


I have been told explicitly by a PM TS person that my Samsung S10e is not and will not be supported. She encouraged me to "upgrade" to Koodo.