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VoLTE and Pixel 3a XL

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


My question is to anyone who already has VoLTE profile enabled and using Pixel 3a XL - does it work?

I know that in official FaQ section of Public Mobile it is not listed as VoLTE compatible, 


but checking my IMEI number on Telus website it is saying - compatible. 


So please report anybody who was able to activate.
In case someone do not know how to check - dial *#*#INFO#*#* and then open Phone Information. You should see VoLTE provisioned toggle in ON (enabled) or OFF (disabled) state...



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My account has VoLTE according to the SMS received as well as confirmation from a CS agent. 

VoLTE does NOT appear as provisioned on my 3a XL.  Phone drops to 3G when making calls.


Interestingly, VoLTE shows as enabled and works as expected when using the 3a XL with a Rogers SIM card.


I have an active ticket with support and am awaiting a solution.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I just tried my sim in an old Pixel 3a and it dropped from LTE to 3G when making a call.


I'm going to upgrade the software to Android 12 after the battery charges up a bit, and then I'll try again.


EDIT: I've updated the software to Android 12, reset the phone, but still it dropped to 3G to make a call. What's interesting is this link states that the Pixel 3a would be updated in June 2022 to allow for VoLTE roaming, but my device says that there are no further updates available beyond May 2022.


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I have an old 3a at home (not XL) and i have VoLTE enabled on my line. If you like I can swap the sim when i get home and see if it's working. Won't be until tonight though. 

Also... Depending on your location the difference between 3G and VoLTE might not be as much of a difference that 3G isn't adequate for a few more months.


So you could wait until Public Mobile declares the roll-out as complete. If you don't get VoLTE at that point you could shop for deals on the nex promotions?

HI @alexs20   Yes, other than wait and keep checking, nothing much you can do.  Even you open ticket, they will just read the same help page you found


but if you have a friend with newer phone, test your sim card there.  As long as you confirmed your account is VoLTE, then you can focus on confirming if your Pixel works


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Checked my current firmware and it is SP2A.220505.008 from Sep 2022... so if xda-devs are right then it should support it. Ok, looks like there is no big choices, but only to wait..

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
@hTideGnow no, I am not sure, and this is why I am asking. as I know volte is currently activated only for these who joined in Feb 2023. But I am here since Dec 2022... so not sure if it is already active or not. But all phones in my house are old, so no chances to check for sure. 
My main problem is that currently I see some good deals are running on Pixel 6 and if my phone doesn't work with lolte then probably it is time to get new phone. but if my old phone works - then it is just wasting of my money... 🙂 this is why trying to make decision asap , before all these deals are over.

Mayor / Maire

The list in the help article is not conclusive. It's essentially the phone line up sold by the Telus group There are multiple reports of phones not on the list that work (mine included).


I remember a note recently that Googles latest upgrade to the 3a / 3a XL included VoLTE capability so that it can be used for calls in the US after the 3G shut down. So if you are on the latest update your phone "should" likely work.


It might simply be that your line / account has not migrated to VoLTE just yet.


@alexs20 , according to this information, the 3a xl should work.  However, it does suggest carrier specifics.  I am going to guess that it could be YMMV with this service.

Mayor / Maire

HI @alexs20  some senior CS agent said she asked, confirmed that some phone could work on Telus VoLTE and might not work here  (I think it was for iPhone 6s)


I still think there is a chance it will work eventually.  Right now, they are still setting up, it could work when all are done


And you sure your account is already VoLTE enabled?  did you test your sim in a phone there is certainly VoLTE compatible and on the list?