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Slim Case

It looks very likely I'll be picking up the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. $441 seems like a good price (unless one of you stops me in dramatic fashion while screaming "Nooooooooo!") I hate the fact it's black. Sooooo, that was my long winded way of asking w...

rossputin by Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
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Re: More is Merrier is back!

@CountyDownIeUk wrote:It would be interesting to know the criteria of the order of texts. LocationYears of loyaltyPhone numberAlphabetical order ??Maybe the old univac 500 can figure it out when its all said and done ...

barndoor by Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
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Did not get message yet

I don’t why I still didn’t get text message yet for gift, my friends already got it, just cannot wait LOL

Lehaha by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
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Did you get what you wanted on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

Normally we head down across the line to Seattle Premium Factory Outlet to do our Christmas shopping.With pandemic restrictions, highway washouts due to flooding which restricts trucks transport, barges losing their loads, and gas restrictions.It was...

BKNS27 by Mayor / Maire
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SPAM Calls

"Up to one-quarter of all calls on mobile networks in Canada are spam right now" The excerpt above from CBC news today, Nov 30, 2021. Could this be true, or is PM/TELUS doing a good job filtering such calls? Fortunately, I don't happen to receive mor...

sa7375 by Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
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Canadian cell "deals" (ha!)

As seems to be usual, based on what I've seen, the only "good" deals to be had for cell service are the ones involving getting a brand new phone for $0 (or some really low price) this past Black Friday / Cyber Monday if you're willing to pay for a pr...

bluejaywpg by Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
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Re: Best sound with headphones

@darlicious wrote:@rossputin I am pretty sure I bought about 5 new pairs since then@darlicious and of course, that would be its own special form of indecision....

srlawren by Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité
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Re: International texting

@z10user4 wrote: @softech : I always get a kick out of the use of the term "free". No. The feature is included in the plan price. Are you a Virgo?


Don’t want to offend the Americans ( god forbid) anyone ever notice that marks work wear world clothing and boots used to be very good? Well my father told me Recently that they were bought out by Canadian tire ( a Canadian company right ?) WRONG!!! ...

Deano53 by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
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Good morning, this is not really a question but more of a statement: does anyone notice that most stuff we buy in todays world is total garbage? Not meant to last and not good at all? Ex(1) appliances ( look shiny and beautiful but not made to last) ...

Deano53 by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
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Egregious activity - AGAIN...but different members

Anyone see what I see? Facts I know:159 out of the 167 bravos were given last night to the SAME member between 9:30PM to 12:00 ESTthe one giving the bravos has never given out more than 11 bravos to anyone before last night since his joining on May 2...

Og2-bravos-t_p.png Og2-bravos-t_p_posts.png
softech by Mayor / Maire
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I have a 2008 Ford Taurus I like a lot 

droc39 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
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Dogs are fun

I love dogs They make me happy

droc39 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
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CONGRATULATIONS!! 1000+ 20,000+ 30,000+many more!!

@z10user4 Congratulations on reaching a milestone no one has achieved before and very few will reach in their tenure with public mobile and the dedication to the community that you have exhibited in your 3 1/2 years as a community member. I'm honoure...


Re: Bonus

You need to know the secret password to become a "Special member" 

walker1 by Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire
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Wi-Fi Talk & Text app

That would be a nice add to all PM customers!!

faytruni by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
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Nor did I create this thread

@darlicious : It's also suggested to turn off the main breaker to your house and then the gas. Then wait 24 hours to make sure your freezer contents are ruined and you're cold in your house. When the ice cream flows, then you know to turn it back on....

z10user4 by Mayor / Maire
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I did not create this thread.

@darlicious wrote:I'm a little surprised @z10user4 was unsure on this?!! @darlicious : I get enough grief around here from a very few people so I was trying to be polite. No, I don't think the solution is right. No, I don't think the warnings are onl...

z10user4 by Mayor / Maire
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It starts with a single one soaring by....its cackling call echoing "Cacaw! Cacaw! Cacaw!


Re: +BONUS with AutoPay

@darlicious wrote:@computergeek541 Only difficult because it falls on deaf ears.... there have been several customers wanting this plan for their "tweens" or even younger and simply did not want their children to have access to mobile data.As long as...

Meow by Mayor / Maire
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