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Re: xxxxxxx

@houlenorman72 wrote:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxWhat is the question? There is a whole French side to this site if you're possibly from Quebec or French speaking. Edit: I did not start this thread and I object to it being removed from the main forum.

z10user4 by Mayor / Maire
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EMUI 10 Mate 20 Lite

Hey everyone; Has there been any word on the EMUI 10 hitting Telus/PM for the Mate 20? If not, anyone know of a way to "force" the download? Cheers; ShädøwWølf

ShädøwWølf by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
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$75 20GB Infinite plan deal

Rogers launches limited-time $75 20GB Infinite plan deal The deal is eligible for Rogers' add-a-line discount, letting you get 20GB for $65 per month

dboxtvinfo715 by Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
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Re: Should I change my plan?

@CannonFodder Before joining public mobile I spent very little time online using it mostly to upload my photography (up to 15gb a month) I only have one roommate who really uses it he's a gamer. So other than him rebooting the modem more often I real...

An off topic conversation with some cute kitties....lounged

@CannonFodder Lol.....its a hard line here on the community when your scolded for too many posts and told to edit your original post and add to it or chided nicely for too much text in your post. I do think i did do a nice job of spacing my paragraph...

Calling all UFC fans.

Did you guys see the way McGregor finished that fight? Wow, he basically used his shoulder blades. Have you ever seen that before?

gblackma by Mayor / Maire
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Web Browser Suggestions...

Hey, I'm curious what browers are out there. I have been using Firefox for the longest time and I'm wondering what you might all be using and why. I might try something else?

Obice by Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
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Bell internet outage.

My home is around the Bathurst and Drewry area in Toronto. Since Thursday the 16th my internet is down. I'm trying to figure out how widespread this problem is. Anyone else experiencing this outage? Thanks. And before some wiseass asks how come I'm o...

gblackma by Mayor / Maire
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Replacing every 60 kph sign with a 50kph one in Toronto.

Why are they replacing all the signs? Isn't this a waste of money? Why not take them all down and replace only about 1/2 of them For tourists, out of towners etc? Isn't it the law that unless otherwise stated the maximum speed in Toronto is 50kph? An...

gblackma by Mayor / Maire
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EMUI 10 Huawei P30/Pro anyone?

Anyone have a Huawei P30 or P30PRO and recieved the EMUI 10 update? Telus was supposed to release EMUI 10 update today..was hoping it would trickle down to Koodo or Public Mobile. Anxiously waiting for this update to hit. If anyone heard anything let...

Jb456 by Mayor / Maire
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Jiff's peanut butter new "Dark Roast" flavour.

Dark Roast is a flavour of coffee bean and there are different types of coffee bean developed using in some cases questionable practices. Ie bat guano etc. Like coffee beans there are different types of peanuts. So does anyone know if this is some sp...

gblackma by Mayor / Maire
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We all love a deal

As the title says and it is the reason why we are all here. What better deal than free.

Re: PM Number showing up as USA on caller ID

@birdinator99 Hey on a different note.....need to escape winter? Check out swoops seat sale.$90 one way to Florida, Mexico, Las Vegas and $38 to Kelowna, Victoria and Hamilton ( warmer than winnipeg especially come late february/March.)


So i recently got my girlfriend into Call of Duty but she only wants to play Modern Warfare 3 Survival mode. When the game was released, I never bought any of the DLC for it. Is it worth getting just for the Survival mode maps? Are they any good? I'm...

Kinnear99 by Good Neighbour / Bon Voisin
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