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Thoughts on MintMobile? And will it be in Canada?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I’ve been hearing a lot about MintMobile having a $15/month unlimited plan. Any thoughts about the brand and when (if) it will be available in Canada?


Mayor / Maire


Ryan Reynolds is the owner of Mint Mobile from Vancouver, BC. 
He should stir up the big 3 in Canada along with Visible Mobile (Verizon).

Also, TextNow should offer SIMs for free calling and texting in Canada like what they are doing in the USA…good thing I got a TextNow SIM for $0.99 usd. 😉🥳 Since TextNow operation is in Canada.


After watching Marketplace on CBC about how the big 3 are gouging Canadians on cell phone plans…it makes me mad.😤🤬 


The Fereral government are not stopping the merger of Shaw to Rogers…meaning less competition for lower cell plans.

Mayor / Maire

@Public_Man  I heard rumours of it and even saw some Ryan Reynolds’s advertising for it and thought it was a real possibility. But as @dust2dust  points out about stranglehold the big 3 have , I’m not holding my breath !

Mayor / Maire

Did you go to their site? Currently it's $30 for unlimited. Although it's really actually a 35gb plan with this fine print:

"Unlimited plan customers using >35GB/mo will experience lower speeds. Videos stream at 480p."

And they're all 3 month plans.

As for Canada...good luck with that. The big 3 have a stranglehold on the regulator keeping the door tightly shut.

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