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Some people don’t get it…

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Who can we contact to recommend changes or additions to the website?

Even though it clearly states at the top of the page…we are all customers-post an idea or a question. Too many customers think the community is a place to complain or leave a message for Public Mobile and are not asking for help. We need a direct tab to a CS agent. 




HI @will13am   you sure they will still take suggestion?

we just "suggest" them to fix the gltich, but they are mostly still around 😂



@DDM69 , back in the day Public Mobile had a section called Labs which was for suggestions, gripes, etc.  It was overly successful if you know what I mean.  The sub-forum was overrun with ideas that was overwhelming.  It got shut down.  

and @DDM69   we should in fact be happy no one read. 

if everyone read, and not post question here, there is no Community Rewards. 🤣

Mayor / Maire

Very few people read FAQ or small prints or whatever any company posts as instructions how to use product service.

How many times I found in car forums people asking silly question since they did Not read car manual.
Same as here; 99% of posts are questions ALREADY asked but it is 'so difficult' to search this forum...

Mayor / Maire

HI @DDM69  True, but just like STOP sign on the street, people are in hurry and still just Go without Stopping. 🤣

I know you have been trying, but it is really realy hard to educate people to read

Mayor / Maire

@DDM69  Good idea for sure , but honestly I’m not sure it would change much because I’ve been on PM since 2018 and never read that before my self … and most PM users just sign up for a plan and don’t realize that until they end up having some sorta issues and seek the community and just assuming we are staff answering …. I’ve had and I’m sure you have to had to tell some upset customers , hey I’m . We are just customers just like you  too ! 


There is no straightforward method to only address and collect suggestions. Just post your idea in the Community, or open a ticket. 

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.
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