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Unable to make or receive calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am unable to make or receive calls. I have tried the following solutions:

- restart phone

- re-insert SIM

- toggle airplane mode

- toggle wireless and data

- soft reset phone (volume and power)

- verified minute balance, not used up yet


This has been ongoing for the last 2 days


None of the above have worked, I am even unable to dial voicemail.


Text and data work without issue





Mayor / Maire



Can you put your sim in another unlocked phone. This will help to see whether it is a phone issue vs PM account.


If @JK8's suggestion does not fix your calling issue check and see if there is a Google update for your apps. Install and reboot.


Edit: added suggestion.



By chance, is your phone a  LG G7 Thinq?  

A few customers with this phone have had issues with calling the last couple of days.


Either a factory reset of phone or update the Google app.  



Mayor / Maire



Do you have a LG G7 thinq by any chance? There were other customers with this model that was having calling in and out issues.


A phone/software update helped with one user (as @darlicious already posted to try for resolution).



EDIT: @Dunkman  HAHA! 😂

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

SIM is working in another phone (iPhone) Gy G7 Thin Q still can't make or receive calls. Factory reset next?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

G7 Thin Q appears to be up to date as can be (Dec 2020). And the SIM works in another phone (iPhone).

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is not your SIM card issue ,, your device issue google it to you how how to fix it....

If your phone USED to work before (calls in/out) and you do not have bunch of apps and environment customization, I would do hard reset to factory default.


Check for Google app updates that's what fixed another users issue before a factory reset.