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SIM/eSIM in iPhone 13 mini while traveling in Europe

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi everyone, I have a iPhone 13 mini with Public Mobile and will be traveling in Europe (Spain/Portugal). I need 1) mobile data; and 2) ongoing ability to answer phone calls to my Public Mobile Canadian number while away.


I'm wondering what my options are here. Can I purchase a SIM/eSIM to add to my phone and then forward my Canadian number to the new SIM number for while I'm away? If so - any suggestions for specific SIM cards? Any other suggestions/options? Thanks very much for your help.


@public_mobile_1 the eSIM should work in other carriers even with the PM sim card there.  Taking the sum card out would help without more configuration.   If tiu have a physical sim card in, and using eSIM at the same time , you would need to go to SIM card management screen and select the default sim to use for voice,text and data.  So, could be easier just to remove the PM sim when you are traveling 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I see, but if I remove the PM physical SIM card from my unlocked phone, shouldn't it be able to work with a different eSIM for traveling?

@public_mobile_1 PM does not support eSim at all at this point 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Does PM allow eSIM if my PM SIM card has been removed?

@public_mobile_1 yes, some European carriers do support eSim , so, you can use that too


If you want to forward text with app, yes, the phone needs to be on all time in Canada 

If just voice forwarding,  then no, you cam leave it power off after you set forwarding 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you, this looks like it could work! I do have a second phone I could use.

Can I use a new eSIM in the phone I will be taking with me to Europe to use data and local calling there?

Also I do not need to receive texts, just forwarded phone calls - does the phone staying in Canada still need to be turned on for that?

Mayor / Maire

PM does not provide service in Europe.

There is a complicated process to receive calls/SMS outside of this continent. Good luck with it.

Mayor / Maire



Just a suggestion.  If you are concerning with 2FA text, it is in fact better to change it to use Authenticator app instead if the choice is there.  In this case, it has no dependency of your phone number and you can login to those sites without the PM text service


Some services might not have the Authenticator app as a choice but you can change to email to receive the code.  It is not a good option, but it could be a temporary solution if you are on trip


Timer....simple / brilliant idea !!

@hTideGnow- "babysits the setup"? I'll admit that text forwarding is trickier. Call forwarding is simple. And if you use a timer plug then you can let the phone use the battery for some time and then the timer activates and the phone charges up and then the timer turns off again letting the phone battery be used. Rather than just leaving the phone charging the whole time.

Adding - call forwarding doesn't need the phone on either. But text forwarding does.

Mayor / Maire



Sorry, PM does not have service outside of  Canada and US

Get a Europe local prepaid data  sim card.  Use VoIP for calling.  You can even forward your PM calls to the VoIP app. But text cannot be forward (unless you spend sometimes for workarounds and have the phone connect to a charger and someone to babysits the setup)


Mayor / Maire

How to receive calls and texts outside of Canada or US:
1. Have two phones
2. Download/install/setup voip app onto phone that you will take out of country and get a Canadian phone number
3. Download/install/setup sms forwarder app onto phone that will stay home
4. Keep sim in phone that will stay home
5. Forward calls from phone that will stay to voip app number using standard dialer
6. Forward texts from phone that will stay to voip app number using sms forwarder app
7. Use a plug timer and plug the charger wart in it and plug in phone and let it use battery for some time and then the timer can charge the phone.
8. Leave North America.
9. Using wifi anywhere or local data cell service, use voip app to send and receive texts and calls.


Replying to those calls and texts will look like your voip number, not your home number. Perhaps some voip apps can "fake" a number.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@public_mobile_1 Hi public mobile will not work outside of Canada except for US with an add-on you cannot transfer your number or your account will be closed in other words you will have to get a local Sim or eSIM while you are  in Europe