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Landline Port Process.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I've never Ported a Landline to Public Mobile, however today I'd like to give it a shot for the experience whether it works or not.

I have a Home Phone Number with BellMTS, we had it disconnected but held because it stopped working the last few years and every call was an 'Air Call' and it wouldn't work so there was no point in paying $53/month for it.

So we had it disconnected, but BellMTS is still holding the Number for us on our Home Services Account for Free, just disconnected. When I call it I get the 'This Number is not in service, this is a recording.' Message.

Would I be able to still Port this Number to Public Mobile or Koodo Pre-Paid, even if it's not currently able to receive calls? I have the Account Name, Account Number, Address and access to everything on the Account, therefore I'm wondering if I'll be able to use these Details to Port it over. 

Do Landlines get a 'Port Request Call', or is it just manually put through from the backend in 5+ days after all details are reviewed as correct?

What I want to know ultimately is could I Port this Landline to Public even though it's temporarily disconnected, but still on my MTS Account. 



Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire


Day 5/5 and the Port from my BellMTS Landline has completed and the Number is now working for incoming and outgoing Calls + Texts with my Koodo Pre-Paid SIM Card! 

Thanks everyone for your interest, if it worked for Koodo, than it will also most definitely work to Port to Public in the future!

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I've only ever ported landlines and voip #s to and in every case it's taken about a week (I believe the standards for mobile are faster, probably because more people are standing in a Rogers or Bell store trying to port their Bell or Rogers #, and of course no one wants to inconvenience Bell or Rogers. 🙂 Maybe it's also slower because there's more manual intervention along the way. were also very security conscious, needing a copy of last statement with your signature on it, etc., etc. That may be what substitutes for the confirmation text on porting a mobile (or... the confirmation text is the best they can do, since we typically don't have statements etc.).

Never ported a landline to a mobile, but I assume it's similar (certainly they're not going to expect to send a text to an ancient landline).

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

It's been 4 days and the Port still isn't complete but I'm expecting it will be finished by tomorrow evening, with Black Friday Volumes I wouldn't be surprised if it takes a little longer. 

They have my Alternative Contact Number, but no one has called from either company to notify me of a 'Failed Port'.

I actually Ported it to Koodo Prepaid, not Public Mobile but its the same systems and process if I we're to bring it here. After a few months of it being with Koodo and using up the Credit I have there, I'll bring it over to Public. 

I'll keep you guys updated and let you know when the Port is complete.

PLEASE do! I am very curious what service you are going to have after porting Real land line to mobile provider.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@kb_mv Yes, BellMTS confirmed it had to be Active or 'in Service' when Porting to another Provider so I had Bell re-enable our Landline for the Port.

@Meow for Landline there is no Port Request, as long as you enter the correct details the Port will be approved since it's done from the Backend. When I typed in the Number for Port the system immediately recognized it was a landline and not a mobility line.

It's been about 2-3 days since I Ported it in and it still hasn't finished, although I know it was successful because BellMTS Emailed me and said 'It’s not too late to reconsider cancelling your residential services'. I'll expect it to be done in the next couple days given this email.

@Meow I let the previous Provider know of the pre-authorization for Port when I had the landline turned back on. I made it very clear it was being turned on purely for Port out to a Mobility line with Telus/Koodo/Public.

I'll keep you guys updated and let you know when the Port is complete.

@hTideGnow wrote:

hi @Meow can you receive sms from govt?  Very likely not.  Thr system sending out those text has no way to check your current carrier of that number.  They just based on the area code and the next 3 digits and look up to confirm if home or cell number. 

Do not understand what you try to convey...

I can receive SMS from government on my PM mobile. Most likely I can receive 2FA by voice on my land line if I choose that.

Still my question is: will I be able to receive SMS on my 'land line' number if I port it to my PM account? Most likely NOT as number will still be seen as 'land line' (belonging to Bell).

hi @Meow can you receive sms from govt?  Very likely not.  Thr system sending out those text has no way to check your current carrier of that number.  They just based on the area code and the next 3 digits and look up to confirm if home or cell number. 

@Phil_Adelphus I understand your intention. I have land line for a long time and that is my main phone provided to banks, government, friends, etc.
My concern is if I port it to mobile device will that number be able to receive SMS from banks, government, etc.?
So far I did not receive clear answer from anybody thus I am keeping 'land line' for the time being.

@Meow  The plan was to just use our cell phones and stop paying a lot of money each month to be pestered by scammers and telemarketers.  The porting of the landline (a genuine landline with a cable from the road and a number we'd had for about 30 years) was more of a transition backup for people who we'd forgotten to give our cell numbers or people who forgot that we had given them our cell numbers.  We wouldn't have gone that route if we intended to seriously use the number although for the most part it has been reliable enough - call quality sometimes leaves something to be desired but since it is mostly used as a kind of answering machine for the aforementioned persons it performs it's function well enough for free on an old phone that otherwise wouldn't have a job.

@Phil_Adelphus wrote:

@Meow  FWIW we ported a Bell landline to a voip app (Fongo) and it gets text messages sent to the old landline number.

Wow! Porting a land line to a voip app?! You must be very brave... I do have Fongo (free) but only as a backup of a backup of a backup line.

Tell me area code and first 3 digits of that phone number as I would like to see myself was that real land line or something else.

I personally would like to get rid of my land line but do not want to lose my number I had for years and years but am afraid it might not behave as mobile number after porting.

Mayor / Maire

I seem to think that porting landlines need a kind of heads up to the originating provider basically letting them know that you are intending to port the number so that they can let it go. Like a pre-authorization. I do wonder about it not being active though.
And I think Meow is quite right in that warning. And we even have a recent report today regarding the emergency test that did not work for the number that was ported from a landline.

On another note, I got a confirmation from another customer the other day about the account number in the welcome email. Your uncertainty about seeing only the last 4 digits was confirmed. It's only the last 4 digits.

@Priority  Here's a link.  It's not free to port to Fongo - in our case it was worth it to ditch the expensive monthly charge for mostly telemarketers .  It would actually cost more than one month on a $15 PM plan if just to try but it's free after that (except that you have to buy an add-on for outgoing texts). 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I just got Fongo to try this, but I don't see any option to port another number in. 

Only let me select a new one.

@Meow  FWIW we ported a Bell landline to a voip app (Fongo) and it gets text messages sent to the old landline number.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Meow, from my understanding there is no Port Request to Approve, as long as you use the correct Account Details it should take place in around 5 days without Manual Approval. 

I'm suspecting Telus calls Bell with the details, and if it's correct Bell will release the Number, at least I hope that's how it works. 

I've seem multiple people in The Community Porting Landlines in, but they are always in service and they never mention if they get a 'Port Request Call' to answer and approve. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Eh, I'm just gonna do it and see what happens in 5 days. Can't hurt. 

I'm all about first hand learning experience, and you don't learn anything unless you try.

Maybe I'll get Lucky and it will work.

I'll report back with my findings.

Mayor / Maire

Think twice before you port REAL land line to mobile provider.

Nobody answered me so far but will SMS and other security text messages be send to 'land line' number even if it is ported to mobile?????

Lok at this example:


Bell Canada is REAL LAND LINE
Bell Mobility is cell.
SMS cannot be sent to 905-212-xxxx

This is my understanding (as I tried to send SMS to my land line and it DID NOT go anywhere). I am still waiting to hear about somebody's experience who did port REAL land line to mobile provider...

Mayor / Maire

@Priority I'm pretty sure the line needs to be active to port it in. You can confirm with customer service at the link below:

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