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Call Forward: is it possible to activate/deactivate without phone?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I read the article on call forward at

I assume if you're going to be away, the best thing is unconditional (*21...). Am I right that it has to be a number you can call? If you have an Int'l Add-On, can you forward to US, UK, or wherever the Add-On is valid?

And to the subject question, is there any way to set up CF from the PM site or app? A friend is driving to US, they'd want to receive calls until they get to the border and then forward to another Canadian #, but don't want to forget and find they can't forward.

From the cited article, I infer the only way is to do it on your phone while in PM coverage, but hoping there's a way they could do on the other side (without buying US roaming package).




Mayor / Maire


You can’t call forward online or app but what you could do is call forward to your TextNow app or use WhatsApp on your PM number when you are connected to wifi.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Thanks. Canadian # is okay, they can forward to a voip # that then forwards to US. 🙂



You can only call forward to another Canadian number. 

No way to set up call forwarding from website or app.  


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