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Black Friday plan renewal no longer showing

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I chose the black Friday deal (40gb 5g data unlimited for $35) to begin at renewal (which for me was around December 23rd). This was showing in my app as what my plan would renew at, but now when I look it doesn't show anything. Also this deal is no longer available... Is there any way I can confirm that this plan will still take effect or is it just gone for no reason? Does this show for other people who got the deal?!



Yes, the app maybe confusing to others that haven’t played around with the app.

This was the same complaint from my friend who used the app for the first time…he said it wasn’t user friendly. I agree.

It would be better to change the + in circle to “Overview”.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Figured it out. You have to click the plus in the app to see other things... Pretty misleading button, makes it look like you want to add something. 

[ self help can be even faster than Community ........ Luddite ]

Mayor / Maire

@skCory , check your payment section, mine shows there under upcoming payment. 

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