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Updated list of Voicemail Access Numbers

Mayor / Maire

Hey all, as you may know Public Mobile/Koodo/Telus Mobility have local access numbers across Canada, most ending in *4001. Many of the numbers are used for a much wider geographic area than the rate centre listed. (ie BC lower mainland numbers being assigned for phones everywhere outside of the lower mainland). These may come in handy for those travelling looking for local numbers to call from a land line, etc.


I also found a local access number in Yellowknife by looking up TELUS rate centres in area code 867, and trying those prefixes with *4001. Woman Happy


Anyhow, the "Intended Serving Area" is mostly guesses at this time, so I'd enjoy some comments oh what cities people are in, and what phone number is configured for your voicemail, and post here.


To check your voicemail deposit/access number, dial one of: *#61# *#62# or *#67# and let me know if you have a default access number outside of your geographical area, or one not listed here.


Access NumProvinceCNAC Rate CentreIntended Serving Area?
403-371-6245AlbertaCalgarySouthern AB 403/587/825
(Old Mike #)
587-580-4001AlbertaCalgarySouthern AB 403/587/825
587-580-4002AlbertaCalgarySouthern AB 403/587/826
587-580-4003AlbertaCalgarySouthern AB 403/587/827
587-580-4004AlbertaCalgarySouthern AB 403/587/827
587-580-4005AlbertaCalgarySouthern AB 403/587/827
587-580-4006AlbertaCalgarySouthern AB 403/587/827
587-580-4007AlbertaCalgarySouthern AB 403/587/827
587-588-4001AlbertaEdmontonNorthern AB 587/780/825
587-588-4002AlbertaEdmontonNorthern AB 587/780/825
778-580-4001BCWhalleyoutside greater Vancouver area
778-580-4002BCWhalleygreater Vancouver area
778-580-4003BCWhalleyOutside greater Vancouver area 
778-581-4001BCWhalleyBC 250
778-581-4002BCWhalleyBC 250
204-588-4001ManitobaWinnipegWinnipeg 204/431
204-588-4002ManitobaWinnipegOutside of Winnipeg 204/431
506-588-4001New BrunswickMonctonNB 428/506
902-580-4001Nova ScotiaHalifaxNS/PEI 782/902, NL709/879
705-780-4001OntarioBarrieON 249/705
289-680-4001OntarioHamiltonON 289/365/905
226-580-4001OntarioLondonON 226/519/548
613-581-4001OntarioOttawa-HullON 343/613
647-580-4001OntarioTorontoON 416/437/647
647-580-4002OntarioTorontoON 416/437/647
647-580-4003OntarioTorontoON 416/437/647
647-580-4004OntarioTorontoON 416/437/647
647-580-4005OntarioTorontoON 416/437/647
647-580-4006OntarioTorontoON 416/437/647
647-580-4007OntarioTorontoON 416/437/647
450-320-4001QuebecGranbyOutside Montreal 450/579
438-580-4001QuebecMontrealMontreal 438/514
581-580-4001QuebecQuebec City367/418/581
819-588-4001QuebecSherbrookeQC 819/873
306-580-4001SaskatchewanReginaSouthern SK 306/639, Edmonton
306-580-4002SaskatchewanReginaNorthern SK 306/639


Cheers! - N


Edit: Numbers all re-verified and confirmed still working as of Apr 11, 2022.


@jordyn179 wrote:

 does it take my minutes from my plan i only get 100 min a month ?

@jordyn179  if the calls got routed to voicemail because the call cannot reach you, then NO, it won't count towards your minutes


it will only count if you call voicemail FROM your phone.  

Again, it will be FREE if you check voicemail from another phone.


Why sometimes it shows so many times, honest, you don't know, when you are someone "offline", unreachable, people could have called you many times and got routed there.  But it won't get counted anyway


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

that’s exactly what it is but the odd thing is i never ever call my voicemail as much as it shows this number like 8 times in one day. does it take my minutes from my plan i only get 100 min a month ?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

That's IT! Thanks, @dabr !

Now I see lots of other info I'd been looking for (but not that elusive "Rejected Items" page @softech  sent). Thank goodness for Smart People like yourselves! 🤓


And now, back to our regular programming! 😁

@softech   Lol...well I've often used that option to delete my auto-saved drafts after realizing that others have already posted most of what I've written because of time lag on this site or I'm just really slow at typing!  😊

Great one @dabr !!

@John-Q-Public   You can also see those drafts by selecting My Profile by clicking your avatar and scroll down and view any drafts under the bravos.

I guess the key is you have to click the correct "reply".  For example in this long thread.  Three are so many reply  you could have clicked earlier.  So, you have to click on the exact reply you clicked earlier  🙂

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Ah, so that must be what happened...

I did notice the message "...autosaved at ##:##", but saw no way to get back to it. Odd that it showed up AFTER I posted my re-written reply.

I HAD already posted my reply, but perhaps that saved draft hadn't had a chance to 'erase' itself... 

HI @John-Q-Public the unmoderated link, I was given that link by other smart members here before  🙂


for the draft, the current Community will keep saving draft like every minute or so.  If have accidentally moved away, just go back to the post, click on the "Reply" from exact post you tried to reply earlier, and then it should give you the choice to load previously saved draft or not 


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hi again, @softech ! So, I have bookmarked the link you sent for later, just in case, but just out of curiosity... and for the edification of others: How on earth did you (or how do we) arrive at that location? I have looked everywhere (that I could think of) within this site, and can't find anything like it...


As an aside: Likewise, I was looking for a 'saved draft' of a long-ish message from which I had accidentally navigated away (and hitting the back button, was disappointed to find it gone). SO, I painstakenly re-wrote my message, and posted it. Then, to my surprise, I accidentally came upon that saved draft while doing something else... I stupidly did not bookmark that page, and now I can't for the life of me find that page again with the draft!

Is it just me, or is the PM Community site super difficult to navigate??


P.S.: My apologies for sidetracking this thread... Once I get the hang of this site, I'll try to post 'forks', if that's at all possible...

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

EDIT 2: The following is a (attempted) re-post of the message to which @Nezgar responded, but which got pulled for some unstated reason after I edited it. I will try to edit it again to guess at, and remove, the "offensive" material.


For you 'tinkerers' out there, here are the numbers where you can set/disable VM forwarding:


I had trouble with the last one (*004*), but I found this one worked: 

**61*[access number, i.e. one of the numbers in the OP, or whichever number to forward]*11*[number of seconds]# (note, 1 ring is about 6 seconds). Example: **61*[NUMBER REDACTED]*11*18# will forward the call to that number after 18 seconds, i.e. 3 rings. NOTE that there are TWO asterisks at the beginning of the sequence.


Edit: I have removed the mention of the numbers being exclusive, as corrected by @Nezgar

I also expanded my explanation of the # of rings before it goes to VM.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Thanks, @softech , I'll retain that as a last resort. 

First, though, I'll try some tweaking, because it would be nice to be able to cut-and-paste some of the information therein, as well as click on the link.

I'll do my best not to get banned 🙃

@John-Q-Public   sometimes, no point to "guess" why it is in the "unmoderated" box there.  


A quick workarounds, just take screenshot on that message . and post the picture.  


I had a problem with posting the bands PM uses, there is no way I tweak to make it work.  So, I gave up and use the screenshot instead  🙂

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Why... Yes, it IS!

Thank you so much, @softech ! Gee, you learn something every day 😉  

(suggestion to the forum/moderators: Include this information in your error message!

I will attempt to modify that message in an "acceptable" way, and re-post it.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Thanks, @darlicious , for your feedback and encouragement! 🙂

Unfortunately, I can't recall either exactly what I wrote, but you are correct, my message did indeed contain sequences of numbers (as does the OP). That's the whole point: I was referring to PM's own page on Call Forwarding, along with some additional (hopefully) helpful hints.

Weird thing is that it got through the first time, but when I edited it after @Nezgar 's response to that post, that's when it got pulled.

Now, when one clicks on "In response to John-Q-Public" in @Nezgar 's resonse, one's brought to a page which says "This reply was marked as spam and has been removed. If you believe this is an error, submit an abuse report". I did submit such a report, but have not yet received the courtesy of a reply.

Oh, well...


Mayor / Maire


I read your message and nothing stood out at the time but I can't recall exactly what you wrote? If it contained a sequence of numbers the spam filter will flag it. It has to do with the spam filter being programmed to detect the telus and koodo porting department phone numbers so those posts are removed as pm doesn't want those phone numbers to be posted publicly in the community to prevent customers from calling them for non porting issues.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Quick note: After I edited my previous message (the one to which  @Nezgar responded), it was flagged as spam and removed. No idea why. I have notified the moderator, and hopefully it will be reinstated (I put a lot of time into that! 😐)

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

You're absolutely right, @Nezgar! After further tinkering, I realized that I was misinterpreting the 'success' message, taking it to mean it was 'one size fits all'... Now, reading carefully, I see they are separate and specific. I will change my message accordingly.

Thanks, too, for your mentions of Lenny (hilarious!) and YouMail. Personally, my approach is to redirect to my Fongo number, which I have set to answer after just one ring; there are other options there as well. I will check out Youmail as I like the transcription feature. I have this with Google Voice (I've been with that service since it was Grand Central), but forwarding PM calls to these USA numbers doesn't seem to work, unsurprisingly.


@JohnNice to see other tinkerers here. 🙂


What do you mean by "you can set only ONE of these" ? The three conditional call fwd codes (*61, *62, *67) can all be set individually, and can each point to different destination numbers, or all three can be set at once to the same number using *004.


Personally I set the unasnwered and unavailable codes (*61, *62) to YouMail Voicemail, and the busy/declined (*67) to a dead-end or Lenny so that callers on my phones block list and calls that are clearly Junk that I manually decline are diverted away from my voicemail box.


It's nice that Public Mobile includes FREE unlimited call forwarding to any Canadian number, as both of the other brands Telus Mobility and Koodo charge by the minute, or allow it without metering for a monthly fee of $3-5. It also allows us to use 3rd party VoiceMail services like YouMail for essentially free visual voicemail. (Voicemails are sent via email with sound attachment + text transcription) - super convenient to scan and delete without having to dial-in to listen!

@darlicious- still ongoing, still unresolved. I would say this problem is not related. My problem is seemingly all of the Telus brand not able to call into my phone. But others can. I've yet to test Koodo prepaid.

Mayor / Maire


Try calling your phone number from a non telus/koodo/pm phone. You can even use fongo or textnow to call. If possible put your sim card in another phone and try calling your phone number and try accessing your voicemail using the phone your sim card is in temporarily. What is the make and model of your phone?



I'm curious if this us any way related to @dust2dust 's current issue?

@DZIGA wrote:

Wow. My number doesn't work! I am still paying for service. I know that as I do get text messages from Public saying I am paid up.

Log into your self-serve account, and confirm that the plan is active. Sometimes a payment failure occurs and service goes into "suspended" status erroneously - and you might need to manually add funds to the account balance to resume service.


If the account shows active, it may be some kind of temporary provisioning error, and you can try temporarily swapping the SIM into another phone to see if that helps the system re-provision the SIM card before putting it back into the original phone.


If still nothing, you can try creating a ticket with the CS Agents to have them investigate further from their end...


Edit: and one last thought... try forcing your phone to 3G mode /disable LTE as its possible there's a temporary or permanent loss of 3G service in your area which is required for voice calls Public Mobile. SMS, MMS and data will all work with only LTE service...

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Wow. My number doesn't work! I am still paying for service. I know that as I do get text messages from Public saying I am paid up.

@DZIGA try dialing ##004# to reset your conditional call forwards. What happens when you call your own number?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Can't access voice mail. My plan includes it. I have not used the minutes. Recently happened out of the blue that i wasn't able to access. "Number can't be completed as dialed"...Live on Vancouver Island.

@DZIGA wrote:

Tried all the numbers for access -- Sooke BC -- none of the bc # worked.

Just dialed all 5 BC numbers listed myself from both a landline and my Public Mobile phone, all appear to be working. Which phone are you calling from? Also which number did Public Mobile provision to your phone? check by dialing any or all of these codes:




@DZIGA wrote:

Tried all the numbers for access -- Sooke BC -- none of the bc # worked.

HI @DZIGA   What was your exact issue?


you said none of those work, you tried the whole list? all provinces? or just tried BC


Are you just trying to set your VM number to one of those on your phone?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Tried all the numbers for access -- Sooke BC -- none of the bc # worked.

Mayor / Maire


If a referral suspends via lost/stolen you get the 611 message at 9pm pt that day. No message is sent for suspension due to non payment or if they leave pm. Lost/stolen referrals disappear from your phone number list and $$ amount. Non payment suspensions stay but the $$ amount is $1 less....I think....i would have to double check that but as I recall when I renewed the other day I was $1 less than the numbers on my list leading me to believe one of my referrals is suspended for non payment.

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