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Here’s my issue 



So will I need to submit a ticket or will this fix itself


Mayor / Maire


Your referrals should update immediately after restoring their services to active status. I just helped reactivate a referral's account about a half hour before midnight eastern on my renewal. It updated in my rewards account immediately and I recieved their $1 reward upon renewal along with my other rewards.

@Handy1 wrote:

@hTideGnow  It strange considering there all on auto pay 

If you read through community, you will see autopay knows to fail from time to time.

So if that happens to you or you think it might happen, good idea is to add funds to your account day-two before renewal as these funds will be used first to pay the bill.

I believe you will see rewards on next renewal since referrals who were suspended managed to reactivate their accounts.

Hi @Handy1   haha, you are here long enough to know that autopay will fail. LoL


@hTideGnow  It strange considering there all on auto pay 

@walker1 @Absolutely and thanks for the clarification 

HI @Handy1   glad it is cleared up

yes, as long as the number still show up, that mean the person still with PM, usually just suspended, late payment

Mayor / Maire


Glad you found your solution.

Now you know what to do when your referral rewards go missing or just don't add up correctly.

HI @Chrissyrioux12   the limit is actually a lot more, it's 100+ referrals, I think 110 

@Chrissyrioux12- Maximum $5 for loyalty. $2 for autopay. Referrals are unlimited but they stop paying at about 120-ish. Maximum $15 for us commoners for Community and it can vary month to month.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I thought when reading the rewards it said a a maximum of 5 dollars for referrals would be applied 

@hTideGnow @No I called the contacts to confirm and then fix the second line that was affected still right up until I reached out to resolve that issue and now all lines are certainly all working and active , ok so day or two to update .. phew ok at least my bill isint due till Jan 24 so there time for this to fix itself without needing to contact support 

Hi @Handy1  did PM agent gave you the 2 problematic lines?


no, not instant, the system here is slow.  Expect a day or two

@dust2dust @hTideGnow @Yummy @HALIMACS @softech @walker1  after double checking it seems two of the lines infact were suspended and the second one has just been fixed , so how long should it take for that to update on my account or should it be instant ?

Mayor / Maire

A side effect of the toll free number is that it will notify the account via text that it was "accessed".

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Handy1   


they are all your friends, aren't they?

why don't you call each of your friend and see if the line all active.  If they are , you can go back and ask PM why it was wrong

Mayor / Maire

Just because you see ALL your referrals on your list does not mean they are all active.

Confirm with each of them they are not suspended due to no pay. Only Active referrals are included in rewards.

Mayor / Maire

Here's how to tell for sure,  @Handy1 


Call 1-855-4PUBLIC


Enter your friends phone number. 


The messaging will tell you whether the service is active or not.


@Handy1   the 2 missing lines were suspended, not ported out yet, that's why you still see them there but you friend's bonus only $5


You can try to open ticket with support, but I don't think they will tell you which 2 lines are currently suspended

But if they resume their services, you will see the friend amount  reflects that

@walker1 @Ok going to double check that right now 


If your really sure about that, then contact a CSA and ask about it.

@walker1 @All lines are active still thou 

Mayor / Maire


Looks like two of your referrals are probably suspended.

If their service is restored, then the rewards will return.

No need to contact anyone.


If those referrals ever leave PM or port out, those two referral numbers will drop off the list.

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