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Remove saved screen shots and uploaded pictures.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I do realize that here have been posts and solutions on how to remove unwanted photos from one's community account but the solution given does requires the additional step #3.


To delete community account screen shots follow the following steps:

  1. My Profile.
  2. My Photos.
  3. Up Load Images
  4. Hoover mouse over photos in your account.
  5. Click on “X”

HI @darlicious   how can you have so many pics and still not enough? 🤣



Mayor / Maire


Right now 2500 until I convince @J_PM to up it again.....and I already got mad once and deleted 90% of my pics.

@hTideGnow - yes there is a limit in pictures in your least, there used to be. Maybe they gave us more storage with the new community platform.

@darlicious wrote:

I'm running out of private pics to delete.

HI @darlicious   there is a limit to pic?


Mayor / Maire


It's hunting down my own thread in the lounge that's the larger problem....that and needing more storage space as I'm running out of private pics to delete.

Hi @Tsawwassen   you don't have to upload a image to get there


try this link


you should see your image there and you can then hover to the X


btw...kinda jonzin' for your famous menu pics !

( Cat pics ...not so much ) 🤓

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Unless it depends on the browser - what you suggest is not on my pages - I cut and pasted from my page and when I scroll down to my Photos I need to click on Upload an image before I can ad or delete images.

My Photos

Mayor / Maire

Delete All

My profile, scroll down

View All

Image Options

Turn on batch processing

Check all

Delete all



Delete single

My profile, scroll down

View all

Keep clicking on X to delete particular image

Mayor / Maire


Lol.....I hit the upper limit again so I have to delete to upload. It's a pain in the assets.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I tried to keep it as simple as possible - but yes you are correct.

Mayor / Maire


Do you mean 3 more steps?

  1. Click on Image Options.
  2. Delete checked image.
  3. Confirm image deletion.


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