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No longer able to email pictures

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I used to be able to email pictures no prob, but in the last few days it no longer works. I did setup a screen lock because google kept pestering me. Not sure if that has any relation to my issue now. In my data usage I have the data save turned off. Mobile data is on and wifi is on. Not sure why I could email pictures from my Samsung phone before and now I can't do it. Please help...


Mayor / Maire


  • turn off device take out SIM card and inserted back and turn on,,, or tried your SIM card in other device,
  • Airplane Mode on/off
  • go to your text app clear cache/clear data,
  • updated version of Messages app,or email app
  • if outgoing texts messages from specific contacts

Delete the contact and Verify that their phone number is correct,
add it again.
Check if you blocked them.

  • Check if you need to specify a country code (e.g) add  +1 or  in front of area code


  • if sending MMS messages

Ensure that you have a data mobile connection is on,

  • check your software ios update date,

and rebooting device. i hope is helpful.

Mayor / Maire

Are we talking about EMAIL or MMS?

Emailing pictures should have nothing to do with PM. Email app or logging to email site should take care of that through WiFi or data on-Internet.

As for MMS, it should work with data on - as you already have it. Bet there were few posts lately reporting MMS is not working as expected.

NO google pestering will force me to do what I do not want to. Period. google does not control my life nor world.


@fanofpublic I don't think the issue is related to Public Mobile or any services since you are not able to email pictures using data or WiFi. 

We can still try to assist you, so please give us more information such as what app are you using and how are you trying to email pictures? When is it failing? Any error message are you getting?

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