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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



I signed up my son for an account in November with 1GB on 3G network with a. Promotion for a year with one GB free. 

all of a sudden I notice my bill charged to credit  card has increased significantly and his plan has changed . 

Could someone  please explain what’s going on here? Why am I being billed much more than I agreed to when I signed up here?




Mayor / Maire


This has happened a few times you can contact customer support and ask to be returned to the original plan with bonus data. Do you have your original transaction summary from activation listing the referral code (for the $10 bonus credit), promocode used and bonus data with your activation plan? I don't recall a 1GB bonus at that time just the 12MONTHS2GB promocode. I am wondering if this is the one you happened to have used? 


Customer support can return you to the original plan, re-add the promocode for the appropriate recurring monthly data bonus,  credit the difference in price to your account balance and you can ask them to apply the "more is merrier" holiday gifts of a 2gb bonus data add on, 500 international minutes add on and the 1gb data add on bonus for points program customers that was available for redemption in the points rewards accounts for 0 points.


Submit a ticket via SIMon or if he gives you the run around send a private message but read the spoiler in the linked post for the most efficient method.



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


your son plan was change as your photo screenshot,


if like the new plan you can keep it or contact to CS_Agent  as mention Link by @HALIMACS 

to them fix it for you. 


@Reneeskanes  you can try to open ticket with PM support and see if they can help. 


Also, to be safe and you won't be stuck on the $$. plan, schedule your next renewal for the cheaper plan you need.   Login to My Account first and then change the plan back to $25 plan.  Make sure you click Chnage plan on renewal date and not the other one 


to open ticket with PM:. 

1. Please open ticket via Chatbot (need access to My Account): At

Start by typing "Submit a ticket", then click "Contact Us", Then click "Other", then click "Click here to submit a ticket ↗" 

2. If you have trouble with Chatbot or you don't have access to My Account: Private message CS Agent at:

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on the top right) after the ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply to you there





Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@Reneeskanes Public Mobile is all self serve.  You can option up a ticket with support through a couple of methods:


Ticket can be opened through chatbot -

Having a ticket is preferred way to contact agent as they might respond faster then receiving personal mail.


If opening a ticket does not work very first time, contact agent directly.

- Send a private message to the CSA - agent by clicking

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

That’s what I am wondering, if it’s related to a text….My son said there was a free 1GB promo but not a hotel new package and price…..does anyone know how we speak to someone for vthe company to get this fixed??

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


 so this was the plan I signed up for and then the following payment I had a different plan and double the price. The phone number is for my son.

Mayor / Maire

Provide details what you expected to see and what you actually see on your credit card.

What plan did YOU chose? What plan ACTUALLY you have?

There were some promos in December and it was very easy to reply YES and get switched not paying attention...

HI @Reneeskanes to get @HALIMACS ' donut  (but  you might need to send him one instead 🤣), check the text history and see if a YES was replied


Also, there was a YES2 for Christmas bonus, I wonder if a YES would caused that plan change too

Mayor / Maire

@Reneeskanes  - we are customers like you here on the forum. We have no access to your account.


Check your payment history here:

What is showing for the the breakdown of charges.


If this was a plan change unbeknownst to you (due to the acceptance of the SMS text from public mobile), you could always schedule a plan change back to the $25 plan for the next renewal date, then you will be back on the $25 when your plan renews again.


If the plan is showing another plan other than the 1GB plan, did you lose the 1 GB promotion ?



Mayor / Maire



I would bet dollars to donuts that your son replied "yes" to a promotion sent by text that was offered several weeks ago.


That promotion is sent to the user of the device, on the 'presumption' the user is the authorized account holder. But as we all know, that is rarely the case when parents set up accounts for their children.


You can switch the plan back to the 1 GB plan by going under plan and add-ons and selecting the plan of your choice.  Make sure to schedule the plan change for the next renewal.


Since you say there was a bonus attached to the activation, you may wish to contact the customer support agents to request that you receive the bonus data mentioned.


To contact a Customer Support Agent, there are 2 methods:


  1. Use the ticketing system for a faster response time. Click here and type Customer Support Agent, then select Contact Us, then select Other (or the topic that more closely matches your request).  Click the result which states Click here to submit a ticket and follow the prompts,  or, 
  2. Send a private message to the Customer Support Agent by clicking here  You’ll need to be logged into your Community account for the link to work.


Watch for their response in your Community private mailbox which will be indicated by a number on the small envelope icon to the left of your Community avatar.



Mayor / Maire

Hi @Reneeskanes  :"charged to credit  card has increased significantly and his plan has changed"  ?

did PM charged you $40 + tax? 


Check your text and see if PM sent you a promo text asking you to join the new $40 plan.  Maybe you have replied YES by accident


Mayor / Maire

I suspect your son replied yes to a plan offering via text from here. There's nothing stopping him doing so.

Mayor / Maire

@Reneeskanes   how much was the plan ? $25 for 1GB?

the card charged more? how much more? was it in one transacton or mutiple?  if multiple, if could be an activation issue 


Login to My Account and check the Payment history, check how much PM charged you.  Post us some screenshots

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


what amount you see at your statement was overcharging !!.