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[EXTENDED] FLASH SALE: Get your second month FREE when you activate

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hey Community, 


From March 19 - March 31 April 5 at 11:59PM EST, new customers can get their second month free when they activate on any plan online or in-store


This offer is available to new customers only. Rules and conditions apply.


How to Get this Offer: 

  1. Submit your email address here
  2. Receive a confirmation message that the email address you’ve submitted is now eligible for the offer.
  3. Activate on any plan online or in-store to redeem this offer.


How to Activate:

  1. If you need to purchase a SIM card, click here to order a SIM card online through Public Mobile. Your SIM card will be shipped within 3 to 7 business days. You can also order your SIM card through Amazon, and choose your shipping speed. Alternatively, you can purchase a SIM card by locating a retailer near you. 
  2. Visit to activate online, or activate in-store
  3. The credit value that you will receive will be equal to the price of the rate plan on which you activated your SIM card. This credit will cover the rate plan cost only. It will not cover additional costs such as Add-Ons.
  4. Eligible customers will be credited the 30-day rate plan amount within 30 business days. These credits will count towards your next plan renewal.
  5. You will not need to top-up your account at your first renewal date, unless you purchase Add-Ons, change or future-date your plan to a more expensive plan during the first 30 days. Note that, if you have registered for AutoPay, you will continue to receive your $2 AutoPay reward every 30 days. All Reward rules, which can be found at, apply.  


To learn more about Public Mobile, click here.


- The Public Mobile Community Team

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Mayor / Maire

 Hey @Melinda_H : Once again with the copy/paste. It's a pretty delayed promotion if it takes 30 business days to appear in the account and that that contradicts with saying that the second month is free. It's not possible to enjoy that if the value is deposited in 30 business days.

Mayor / Maire



the BOGO's are baaack!!!


LOL, but isn't every day a business day at public mobile???  

@z10user4  I guess we could take issues with the word month too since one only gets second 30 days free 🙂


 @mimmo : Baby steps 🙂

 @HALIMACS : I'm pretty sure "business days" is well understood as the usual 5 weekdays...except for the marketing mavens of this place.

Sure, @z10user4 , for government employees, crown corporations, and unionized workers.   


But for the rest of society, hasn't every day really become a 'business' day?  (sadly...)    The way I look at it is that one can reach and deal with Public Mobile every day, so every day is a 'business' day.   


Hey, you and I don't take weekends off!!!   🤣



Truth be told, I'm more miffed with utilizing the word "month" as  @mimmo  points out.


Thanks I had a feeling this was coming.....



Now you understand why I advise potential customers the way I do......


Sorry everybody who activated yesterday.....and quite possibly before 1:17pm pt today......

@HALIMACS wrote:


But for the rest of society, hasn't every day really become a 'business' day?  (sadly...)   


Sure. Ok. Then drop the superfluous word "business". It's just everyday then. So 30 days. Why make any other distinction. What's that for the grammar police - an adjective?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Is this offer stackable with other in market offers?

 @walker1 : It doesn't say no but ... what other offers? The current plans are selectable anyway.