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General Reward Rules



There are four different types of Rewards that Public Mobile customers can earn on eligible plans:




Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgLoyalty Reward: You can earn Rewards for each year you stay with Public Mobile for up to 5 years.

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgAutoPay Reward: You can earn Rewards for signing up for pre-authorized payments using a credit or VISA debit card. With AutoPay, you never have to worry about missing a payment.

 Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgRefer-a-Friend Reward: You can earn Rewards when the friends you refer become Public Mobile customers, and you will continue to earn Rewards for as long as they remain active customers. 

 Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgCommunity Reward: You can earn Rewards based on your participation and contribution to the Public Mobile online Community.


Who can earn Rewards?


Only Public Mobile customers (i) on Rewards eligible plans, and (ii) who have active accounts in good standing:


Rate Plan eligibility:

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgAll in-market plans as of January 27, 2015 are eligible for Rewards except for the 10-day plans that are not eligible for Rewards. Plans offered during between May 9, 2014 and January 27, 2015 are no longer in market and not eligible for Rewards.


Customer status eligibility:

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgYour account must be active and in good standing in order to earn Rewards. This means that your account cannot be in suspended/expired (due to non-payment or if you suspended your service yourself due to lost or stolen phone) or deactivated status. For example, if you receive your Rewards and then go into expired status immediately after because you did not make a payment on time, you will not be able to use your Rewards. The Rewards can only be used once you add sufficient funds to your account to pay for you plan and become active again.


How many Rewards can you earn?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgAt most, you can earn up to your current plan value in Rewards to reduce your payment to $0. Once you reach the value of your total plan cost, you will not be able to receive any further Rewards and you will not be able to accumulate Rewards that can be applied for future months. 


How are Rewards applied to your account?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgThe application of Rewards to your account is tied to your payment due date. Based on the Rewards you have earned in your previous plan cycle, up to four separate credits (one credit/Reward type) will be applied to your account several hours before your payment due date. These credits can be applied to reduce your plan cost.

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgThe value of each Reward is applied to your account on your payment due date and not before.

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgIn the event of a plan change, you will receive your Rewards right after the plan is changed and you have successfully made a payment for the plan change. These credits can be applied to reduce the cost of your plan.

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgIf your account is deactivated and you have any outstanding unused Rewards remaining on your account, you will lose those unused Rewards.


How do I know when Rewards are earned?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgA single text message will be sent out to customers who have earned at least one (1) Reward.

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgPayment History tab in your Self Serve account will show the credits applied to your account. For example:






When are the Rewards applied?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgAll earned Rewards are applied to your account on your plan renewal date or when you make a plan change.





How much can you earn?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgYou get rewarded when the friends you refer become Public Mobile customers, and you will continue to earn rewards for as long as they remain active customers.



30-day plan

90-day plan

Amount earned per referral

$1/30 days

$3/90 days

Reward application date

On plan renewal date

On plan renewal date

Max Reward earned

No more than base plan cost

No more than base plan cost


It is possible to bring your plan cost down to $0 with Refer-a-Friend Rewards.  Here is how it works:


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgIf you are earning only the Refer-a-Friend Reward, it cannot exceed the total price of your base plan. For example:

  1. You are on a 30-day $45 plan.
  2. You’ve successfully referred 47 friends to Public Mobile who are now all active customers.
  3. You will only receive a Refer-a-Friend Reward for the first 45 friends that you’ve referred. That’s $45 in Refer-a-Friend Rewards.

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgIf you are earning a combination of different types of Rewards, they cannot exceed the total price of your plan. For example:

  1. You are on a 30-day $45 plan.
  2. You signed up for AutoPay, which earns you $2/30days.
  3. You referred 50 friends to Pubic Mobile who are not all active customers.
  4. You get a Reward for referring the first 43 friends because you are already earing $2 in AutoPay Rewards. That’s 43 friends x $1/30 days + $2 AutoPay Rewards = $45 total Rewards.

 Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgYou will be able to see your referral rewards by logging into your Self Serve account. You can see an overview of your rewards on the main page, like below.  


To get a more detailed view of your rewards, click the "My Rewards" button. The below image is an example of what you should see.  ReferralRewardsselfservev2.png


How can I refer a friend?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgOnce you refer your friends to Public Mobile and they are ready to join, they will need to enter your active Public Mobile phone number during the activation process. If your friend forgets to enter your number, Public Mobile can't manually apply the credit to your account. So, make sure they do it right! Below is a screenshot of the area your friend should input your number. 




Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgIf you switch from a Rewards-ineligible plan to a Rewards-eligible plan and have previously referred friends, please note that Rewards are not retroactive. This means you will only begin to earn the Refer-a-Friend Reward from the date you switch to the new rewards-eligible plan. 



How much can you earn?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgYou can earn up to $10 per month in Rewards for your contribution to the Community based on your level of involvement. The Community Reward amount will depend on your contribution level relative to other Community members for the calendar month.


The following demonstrates how the Community Reward is allocated:




Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgYou can only ever qualify for one (1) reward, and they cannot be stacked on a monthly basis.


Who can earn Community Rewards?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgYou need to be a registered Community member on an eligible Public Mobile plan in order to start earning Community Rewards to reduce the plan cost. 

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgYou must register for the Public Mobile online Community with the same email address you used for your Public Mobile Self-Serve account. Here’s how to change the email address that you registered on Community if your Self Serve and Community emails are not the same. 


How is Contribution Level determined?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgThe contribution level is determined on a calendar month basis from your relative support to other Community members. Relative support may vary from month to month, even if a customer contributes at a consistent level. In order to qualify for the monthly Community Rewards, customers must be on Rewards eligible plans and act in accordance with the Community Guidelines at all times.

 Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgPublic Mobile reserves the right to change all aspects of the Community Rewards offer and it is subject to the reservation rights of moderation as described in Terms of Service for the Community.

 Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgPublic Mobile reserves the right to adjust rewards at its sole discretion and without advanced notice.


When will Community Rewards be applied to your account?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgCommunity Rewards are reviewed between the 1st and 6th of every month and will be applied to your account due date after the review period on your payment due date. This means that if your payment due date happens to fall on a date during the review period, your Community Reward won’t be applied until your next payment due date.

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgThe Community Reward will be applied several hours before your payment renewal takes place.



What is a Loyalty Reward?


You get rewarded for each year you stay with Public Mobile. After 5 years, you will continue to earn the Reward, but it will no longer increase with each incremental year you are an active customer. You will receive the first Loyalty Reward one year after your activation date.


How much can you earn?


Loyalty Reward amount earned

30-day plan

90-day plan

After 1 year

$1/30 days

$3/90 days

After 2 years

$2/30 days

$6/90 days

After 3 years

$3/30 days

$9/90 days

After 4 years

$4/30 days

$12/90 days

After 5 years and onwards

$5/30 days

$15/90 days


Who can earn Loyalty Rewards?



Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgTo earn the Loyalty Reward, you must be on a Rewards-eligible plan

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgGood things happen when you stick with us. As long as you are an active Public Mobile customer for 12 consecutive months under the same account, you will begin to earn a reoccurring Reward on first plan renewal date after 12 months of tenure. As a Public Mobile customer, your tenure is accumulates no matter what plan you are on as long as you remain active. If you are in an expired or suspended state for more than 60 days of the year, your Loyalty Reward will be delayed by the amount of days you were in an expired or suspend state.

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgYou cannot be in suspend and / or expired status for more than 60 days during the year in order to qualify for the Loyalty Reward.



Who can earn AutoPay Rewards?


You can earn rewards if you:

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgAre on a Rewards-eligible plan

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgHave an active account in good standing  

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpgHave registered for AutoPay


How much can you earn with AutoPay?


Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpg30-day Plan: You will earn a reoccurring Reward of $2 every 30 days.

Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpg90-day PlanYou will earn a reoccurring Reward of $6 every 90 days.Lithium-OrangeBullet-Jan23-00.jpg

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Hi David Jarvis

I think that aint what it explain on that page, because I put the auto payement and I never seen any discount from it, it takes the same money as before.
Are you a new member or on a grandfathered plan? Apparently that makes a difference...
CET_GUY27 is correct. Only new customers can earn rewards; grandfathered ones cannot.
Question: I have 2 active accounts with Public. My primary account (which is where I created my online profile) is an older grandfather plan (ineligible for rewards). My secondary account is brand new as of tonight and on new plan. How can I make sure my community stats & referral stats are supporting my secondary account? (prepay & tenure seems obvious they will apply)
They should apply provided you use the same email address to login here at the community and into your self serve account for your secondary account