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[NEW] Blog Post: Phone Recycling

The Call to Recycle: Transforming Old Phones into New Opportunities In an age where technology evolves at lightning speed, most of us have old mobile phones collecting dust in drawers. But what if those forgotten handsets could help reduce waste, sav...

J_PM by Public Mobile
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Blog Post: Unlock the Power of Public Points

The More You Know: Unlock the Power of Public Points Introduction As a subscriber to Public Mobile, you're likely familiar with the variety of unique perks that come with using our service. Among them is the Public Points Rewards program, which is a...

J_PM by Public Mobile
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Blog Post: Why 5G is the Future with Public Mobile

When it comes to technology, standing still is the same as moving backward. That's why at Public Mobile, we're not just keeping pace with change; we're leading the way with Canada's first 5G subscription phone service.  What's So Special About 5G?5G ...

Public Mobile_WhyPublic_Reliabilty_VerticalBars_5GIcon_Sand.png
J_PM by Public Mobile
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Top Contributors 2023

Hey Community,    Thank you to everyone who contributed to the great conversations this month!    We'd like to encourage community members to congratulate other members and share comments under this thread. However, we will keep the Top Contributors ...

J_PM by Public Mobile
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More to Know, 'Apple Introduces 13'' & 15'' M3 MacBook Air.'

Original Link: after two years of the 13'' M2 MacBook Air & one year after the 15'' MacBook Air, Apple has decided to move on with the MacBook Air and introduce a ne...

fixin by Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
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Ever get a Winback offer after porting from Telus?

I've decided to port over my Telus number today to Public Mobile. Will save myself over $100 a year or more so, I see great value doing this.I'm just wondering if anyone here has ever ported from Telus to Public Mobile and have received a Winback off...

More to Know, 'Public Mobile January Community Rewards are out!'

You may see Points or $ credited to your account today or tomorrow, since Public Mobile has just given out community awards!Here is how much you get if you are in top 50%, top 25%, top 10%, top 5%, and top 1%. Oracles get the highest of points, top 5...

fixin by Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
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Public Mobile Canada-US Changes, '$34 50GB Deal ends March 4th.'

Public Mobile now a an official removal date for the new plan - the $34 with 50GB Canada-US.The other $40 75GB Canada-US & $50 100GB Canada-US are not affected at the moment with this March 4th removal date. But if you are considering the $34 Plan, c...

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 4.28.43 PM.png
fixin by Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
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New activation plans are possible for existing customers!

Hello Everyone, I am not sure how to post without asking a question so I am posting this info in that format. I have been with PM for a long time and get a $9 discount on my monthly bill based on various rewards. I was on a $25 plan with 1 GB ever si...

Princejeet by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
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More to Know, 'AT&T Nationwide Network Outage Problem'

This is the only thing I thought about on todays article.AT&T & Rogers Wireless has a lot in common. Outages.If you were experiencing No Service or T-Mobile & your phone not connecting to AT&T while roaming in the USA, then there has been a Nationwid...

fixin by Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
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Great Service from @CSA

Not a question. Just a thank you to the CSAs who  converted my husband and me from the $34 Black Friday Unlimited Canada plan to the new $34 50gB Canada/US offer. Friendly, speedy service. We have what we had on a Telus EPP Canada/US plan last year a...

greengardener by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
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Budget airline ceasing operations: Lynx Airlines.

This is a short article.A budget (Flair like) airline is hutting down permanently. Lynx Air on February 26th at 12:01.Last year, Budget airline Swoop migrated to the WestJet fleet so there is now only Canada JetLines & Flair, it kind of is becoming t...

fixin by Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
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Possible Public Mobile RoadMap?

Remember when Public Points was introduced in 2022? Or VoLTE & 5G in 2023? Here is what I think that the Public Mobile roadmap for the future is:2024: Wi-Fi Calling - Google Pixel users have the option but it 404's out on the TELUS website. There has...

fixin by Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
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WiFi Calling

I see that PM doesn't seem to support WiFi Calling which is very convenient in bad areas or when travelling or in my basement!  So, for a very small $$, I've been using my MagicJack.  Just forward all calls to your MJ & you can receive or call out fr...

Fizz Mobile looks promising

Fizz Mobile (from Quebec) is expanding west. Their plans look excellent compared to PM, particularly their current promotional pricing. What I really like is the ability to easily add and subtract services on the fly in order to quicky adjust plans t...

ABDad by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
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More to Know, 'Public Mobile unveils *NEW* Canada-US Plans.'

Original link: I don't recommend getting the $34|50GB since it is for New Activations Only. CS_Agent can refuse plan change, there is a 50/50 chance of getting it. ...

fixin by Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
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