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Re: Phone Calls Cutting Out

@szaman wrote:

Well nothing got fixed so i basically purchased a USA plan with data, talk and text and got no use from it. I am still in the states so this morning (well after the plans had expired and were not showing in my purchased add ons) I purchased the following plans which clearly show in my transaction history (yes there was adequate funds in the plan and i still show a credit);


US Roaming - Talk Text 250 Data @$20

US Roaming Unltd Talk Text @ $8.00


However the issue is that the Unltd Talk Text @ $8.00 component isnt showing in my data and add-ons and i am still unable to use the phone.


I am really frustrated but apprecaite everyones help on this issue.


Thank you


@szaman okay, so for future reference, NEVER purchase those things together.  They both include Talk roaming and Rext roaming, and having two of either of those active at the same time causes issue, like calls dropping in under a minute.  If you wanted talk, text, and 250 MB of data, all you needed to purchase was the $20 US Roaming Talk+Text+250MB bundle. The additional add-on(s) you purchased were not needed and cause issues.

EDIT: sorry this info is repetative.  I had this thread open for several mins while I was on a call, and neglected to refresh before replying.

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Re: Phone Calls Cutting Out

Thank you