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Sign up failed...

Mayor / Maire

I can truly see how customers find the app frustrating to sign up for the service. I was helping a senior neighbor this evening try to sign up for Public Mobile. It was like a vicious circle over and over again.

Download the app an a wiped phone.

Selected the plan she wanted $40 x 3 months $40x3 $120

Created her EverSafe account

Selected I already have a SIM, took a picture of the bar code and it autofilled.

Entered her postal code and credit card info into it. Entered my referral number, then got an error. Pressed continue and then it reverted back to option 2. Clicked the plan again, had to click on I already have a SIM card, it was already autofilled and then it wanted me to fill in the credit card info again. I did. At this point I'm thinking now she's been double charged $120. Then again, it reverted back to step 2. 

I know my next step will be to contact a CS Agent but WOW. I don't remember it being this much trouble.  


Mayor / Maire

Just an update. She got a new Galaxy Z phone and I downloaded the app, followed the steps and it was easy as pie. Sadly the plan she wanted last week is now gone. Everything is up and running now. Cheers.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Well, I've chatted with 4 CS Agents total. They are saying that it didn't go through as it circled back to 2 and no charges went through. I've cleared the cache and history, deleted it and re downloaded the app. I've signed into it and now at the payment screen. Hopefully this works. I'll let you guys know how it turns out. FYI, this is the account I created for her hence the different nick.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


After picking plan and creating eversafe ID either order free or discounted Sim card as back up or replacement Sim card or not and uninstall PM app. Reinstall app and sign in. Then choose already have Sim card to proceed with activation. Once activated the plan amount will then be posted in the credit card's transaction page.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Let us know when an CS agent actually helps. I've not received any resolve on one account and now I wanted to change the plan on another and couldn't log in to that one, sent a message and received no reply, next day, the phone gets lost, new problem, this account has real information, credit card etc. Can't log in now for two reasons. But I was able to change the password before the phone was lost using the OTP. And now so can whoever has the phone. Welcome to neversafe.

Sounds about right. Fingers crossed. 

I'll reach out to her in the morning to contact her credit card company to confirm. 


According to what described, it did not even get to Step 5 about phone number, hence it is normal the sim card didn't work, the sim was not provisioned yet.

Depends if the card was charged, it was hard to say if an account was even created.  I have a feeling the card was not charged yet, but of course best to check with credit card 

To be honest, I'm not sure. She's a senior citizen and I'm just trying to help her as she asked me to help her sign up with Public Mobile. Go figure. Even old people want to join. But I don't know if she was double charged yet on her credit card as I didn't ask. I'll wait to see what the CS Agent has to say first. I've logged into the account I created for her to send messages to CS Agents as per their request. I'll keep you updated.

TOTALLY get that @Chalupa_Batman 

Do the pending transaction(s) appear on her credit card?   Personally, if more than one does, I would stop as well and have the CSA's rectify.

Specifically have them ensure with their 'billing group' that only one charge settles.  They should be able to ensure that given the problem seems clearly on their end and shouldn't impact the activating customer.

Clearing the app data was done just after the second time. However, next option is to delete the app and try again. However, my biggest concern is having her credit card charged for a 3rd time at $120 a pop. Will let you know what a CS Agent has to say.

Before going there, however, perhaps try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it?   I've heard (but not experimented) whether that actually may alleviate the issue.

I suppose you might also try clearing the app's data and cache first before doing that ...


Can you confirm the payment was taken from the credit card?   If so, it's off to the customer support agents I'd say since that recycling back to Step 2 should not be happening, clearly.

Here's how , in case you didn't know 🤣 🤣.    Do us a favor and let us know what the CSA's said was the issue.

To contact a Customer Support Agent, send a private message to them by clicking here.  You’ll need to be logged into your Community account for the link to work.

Watch for their response in your Community private mailbox which will be indicated by a number on the small envelope icon to the left of your Community avatar, or tap your Avatar down in Messages.


Yup. No service. But odd it just goes in circles and back to step 2.

Mayor / Maire

Hmmm ... that's interesting.  

Did you try the PM SIM card in the device to see if there's any services activated yet?

Entered it correctly. Funny part, on the second time around, it was autofilled and accepted. LOL

Mayor / Maire

This might sound like a crazy question, @Chalupa_Batman , but are you 100% certain you manually entered your referral code correctly?

Strange the error occurred immediately after entering it ...

Perhaps try uninstalling the app and reinstalling?

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