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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I travel to another country, and I have been trying to use Roaming.


They have charged me twice, and yet the Roaming is not working. What can I do ?


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Hi @adeagbosolomon 

you are in U.S. ? because PM offer service in U.S. roaming. no another country.


if you purchase wrong Add-ons get in touch with  Customer Support Agent (

to remove it.

CSA Hours Of Operation (

Verify your identity (

Mayor / Maire

@adeagbosolomon   Are you in US?  PM only offers roaming in US and no where else in the world.


If you are in US and need the roaming, make sure you remember buying add-on is a 2 steps process:

1. Load Fund

2. Actual purchase of the addon


Make sure you have completed both steps. and not just loaded the fund.    You can confirm if you got the roaming add-on by checked your Plan Details page in My Account (


Once you confirmed you got the add-on, then you can do a manual network selection on your phone and try BOTH T-Mobile and AT&T, see which one you can connect and have the service working



Of course, if you are trying to roam in another country other than US, you cannot do it.  If you already purchased the roaming, then you can contact PM Support for a refund.  PM usually not do not refund.  But their support are understanding and likely will help if that was an honest mistake


Mayor / Maire

Roaming using PM service works only in USA. No other countries are in partnership with PM.


US Roaming for 10 day packages

Unlimited U.S. Talk, Text and 250MB Data Bundle = $20

Unlimited U.S. Talk and Text Bundle = $15

Unlimited U.S. Talk Only = $8

Unlimited U.S. Text Only = $8


U.S. Data Only for 10 day packages

250MB = $10

500MB = $15

1GB = $20

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire



The US is the only country where PM offers roaming. What country are you in? And what roaming add-on did you buy?