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PAID 2 MONTHS, got acc suspended.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi everyone, 

I am an elderly disabled person looking for help. I have paid october and november's phone bills and got my account suspended. It is really hard to get help and extra hard for a folk like me. I truly rely on my phone as I require help and medical assistance. If I dont get help soon, I will have to take this to court. 


@Tyson88    Can you clarify what you mean by CC#  because I thought you had said that you have paid directly through your bank account which PM isn't set up for as already explained?





Mayor / Maire


You will need to contact the bank that you made the payment at and have them investigate where they applied the payment because it obviously could not and did not get applied to your public mobile account. They will need to return the funds either to your credit card or to you so that you can make a payment to public mobile.


Did you pay with a credit card or did you pay from your bank account?


Have you since you were last year been able to reactivate your account? Do you have active service on your public mobile account?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Yes, I have the CC # showing payment as well as the place where it was paid.


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That would be nice. Unfortunately I received no response from the OP. I was hoping they would at least check back in on their thread or read their private messages as I was willing to go above and beyond on this one. Hopefully a friend or a family member is helping them.


But as before when he was requesting paper billing he had explained that using a computer was difficult and perhaps they have limited access to one as well? Maybe they are accessing it at the library or community center which would explain why we only get a couple of posts and follow up is weeks or months in between.

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Were you able to get in contact with Tyson88 or whoever's helping them with this situation? I know it's a long shot, but it definitely would be nice to know that someone at Telus' corporate head office or Tyson88's bank stepped up and were able to get this situation resolved in a timely matter.


Without knowing all the details, it's hard to know what exactly happened and where it all went wrong. I suspect Tyson88 paid their bill in-person at the bank, and a bank teller might have made some assumptions about the payee and the corresponding account number, which resulted in the payment being sent to the wrong provider. It's a totally avoidable situation that shouldn't have happened in the first place, but this has already fallen through the cracks, so there's no point in stating the obvious.


In rare cases like this, it really would be nice if PM had some sort of Exceptional Handling department where users could turn to when things go horribly wrong. I'm not talking about mundane issues that could be resolved with the help of CSA's, but rather things that are beyond the scope of what a CSA and the IT department can do to resolve an issue. It could be as simple as an non-publicized email address where people can direct their issues, and the Exceptional Handling department would ONLY get involved if the situation is truly beyond the scope of what's normally handled by CSA's.

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If you used your account # to pay for your services at your bank then a likely recipient of your payment may be an account holder with the same account # as you with Koodo/PC Mobile as the results of this test by @Anonymous  seems to indicate that they are the only payee that can be selected.


‎04-22-2021 10:16 PM

So the recent thread asking whether we can pay via online banking like adding this place as a payee twigged the experimenter in me (yes after these couple years).

I found Telus Communications - nope

Telus Integrated Communications - nope

Telus Mobility - nope

Telus Services - nope

Koodo (formerly PC Mobile) - yes

Koodo Mobile - nope


So I was able to add the thing that mentions PC Mobile. hmm I went ahead and made a payment of a dollar. And waited.

Later that day - nope

Next morning - nope

Next evening - nope

This morning - nope

This evening - nope


So I might have just given someone with a Koodo/PC Mobile account having the same account number as me, a dollar. You're welcome.


Or...what that tells me is that interestingly, another entity in the Telus world uses the same account number/structure. This could be a security problem. Or just a coincidence.



Mayor / Maire


I am sorry to hear this. And I am aware of your request back in July but I did not understand until now why you were requesting a paper bill.

Now it all makes sense.


So let's deal with the immediate issue that your account services have been suspended. And I take it that there are no available funds in your account balance in your self serve account.


When you paid for 2 months in advance did you do so at the bank or online?


Either way you will need to call your bank branch and speak with your account manager. Explain to them that you made a payment for public mobile and either you made an error online or an employee of the bank made an error in remitting your payment for public mobile to the wrong provider. They likely paid Telus as that's corporate head office of public mobile but what else does with payments made in error like this is a mystery to us at the moment but definitely occurs in similar cases to your own. The account manager will take your transaction reference number from your receipt and/or your bank account's to trace the payment and recover it.


But this will not be immediate and you still have to deal with the fact that you now have suspended services. Since you are on a fixed income this is causing you a financial hardship I'm sure but hopefully you can come up with enough funds to cover one month of a plan payment? Which plan are you on? The $25 plan? You could switch to the $15 plan for this month if that is what you can afford? And then schedule a change plan on next renewal back to the $25 plan? Or you currently on me $15 plan with reward discounts?


Going forward you will need to figure out what works best for you? You can ask your bank for a Visa debit card so that you can make online payments from your bank account. It works like a credit card but it's not a credit card it's simply withdraws money from your bank account in situations where debit is not taken. Or you can pay by voucher which are fairly convenient if you're out and about at least once a month you can likely buy Public Mobile vouchers at your local mall or the near your local grocery store or doctor's appointments or whatever you do to get out of your home. These can then be added either through yourself serve account or via 611 on your phone.


Do you have someone that helps you manage daily activities? Someone you can trust or a family member? There are ways to ensure you can pay for your public mobile plan services to avoid a suspension but you do usually someone to step up and be that person for you to help manage it your account. I do that for several of my referrals a couple of which are not so tech savvy senior citizens. If you have someone who's willing to do that and they need some advice I am more than willing to offer any assistance I can to that person so that they can help you.


If you do not have anyone that can help you in this manner perhaps if you tell me your location or the city or town that you live in I can look into what social service agency services are available near you that can help you? Or if you're in Vancouver I will help you. Below is a link to a post on public mobile vouchers and other alternative ways to pay your bill.


And I had two more questions for you? Are you on the old $$ rewards program? Do you have a resource or the ability to pay your plan immediately? If not private message me and maybe I can help.

Mayor / Maire

hTideGnow suggests an excellent option in your case...if you can get out and about...and if you have the stores nearby. Do you have a Mobil gas station with it's convenience store? Canadian Tire gas bar convenience store? There are a few others.

Do you have family or trusted friends that could help you?

@Tyson88   Does your "paper trail" show which vendor you actually paid?  As already mentioned PM accounts can only be paid with a CC or Debit Visa/MC or vouchers can be added via 611.



HI @Tyson88 



The only 2 ways to pay without credit card is to buy a voucher from store ( you can use cash) and then load the voucher via *611 or My Account

Or you can do instant top up in some stores


But, paying at the bank is DEFINITELY NOT an option

There is no way to pay things here in person from your bank. Who did you pay then? So you are able to log in?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I dont have a CC and paid in person thru my bank (I have paper trail). I've requested support paying my bills several times as a disabled person and got no help from PM. My acc got suspended and im not able to receive calls or texts after paying for 2 months. 

@Tyson88 wrote:

 I paid 2 months of services in person thru my bank. 


Hi @Tyson88   You likely have paid the WRONG BILL in the bank

Paying in the bank is NOT an option.  Not sure if you have paid some Telus or Koodo account or other account instead.  Please check with the bank


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I dont have a CC, I paid 2 months of services in person thru my bank. ACC shows a 0 balance to be paid, but still got suspended. I am not able to get phone calls or anything. 

Mayor / Maire

Did you possibly deal with a credit card problem recently? Are you able to log in to your account? What recording do you get when you dial 611?

Mayor / Maire

Do you have any service? Calls/SMS/Internet?

How do you know account is suspended? If you paid 2 months in advance funds should be on your PM account and no reason account to be suspended.

If you truly believe you should have service with advance payment but you do Not, contact agent.

To contact CSA-agent, there are 2 methods:

If ticketing does not work very first time, contact agent directly.

- Send a private message to the CSA - agent by clicking Here

Watch for envelope in top right corner of Community page. It will show Number of unread emails.

Mayor / Maire

@Tyson88    Have you lost service or are just seeing suspended message in your account and it's renewal date?  If the latter as longs as your phone service is working, then you can ignore that message and it should drop off within the next couple of hours.


If you've lost service and are on autopay, perhaps autopay didn't go through.  Log into your account and click on the Reactivate option a few times. 


Make sure you're clearing cache/cookies and using incognito/privacy mode or another browser before logging into your account.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

It it renewal time? Is your service still working? .. if so don’t worry.. PMS weird way of account  updates