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Number transfer issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Attempted to transfer number 2 days ago. I have replied YES to previous provider to transfer (chat-r)

Got a text from Public Mobile that my ESN/MEID is incorrect, and someone would contact me.
But I haven't received any calls yet.
Chatbot made me make a ticket yesterday, but no response yet either.


Mayor / Maire

HI @Sukirai 

question is if you can make calls and if the sim connects to PM network

if you cannot make outbound calls , it is a setup issue,  please submit a ticket with CS Agent here:

If you can make outbound and just not inbound, please reboot the phone once and test.  If still fails, call the porting support team, I will send you the number to porting support team.  Please check your community inbox

Mayor / Maire

@Sukirai  Shouldn’t use the IMEI number ignore it just give the old providers account number . Will send you the porting team number to your in box right away and give them the old providers account number and they will re trigger the port request for you 

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Sukirai 

Take a look at the top right corner mail box.

I'll send you a number to assist with the porting

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