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No US phone service

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

For the THIRD time since November, we are unable to make or receive phone calls while in the US.  Last two times we didn't have any service at all.  This time we didn't purchase US add-on, we we have changed to the new US/Canada plan so should have phone, email, text.  We only have email and text.  Cannot make or receive a regular phone call.

Any ideas why?  Since this is an ongoing problem every time we cross the border, seems like we should just change to a carrier who can provide the actual service we've purchased.  Hate to do that because otherwise, we've been content with Public Mobile.  But if we can't actually get the service we need doesn't seem much point in continuing.



Mayor / Maire

Nothing new. Read posts in Community and you will see a LOT of issues in USA with PM service.

Mayor / Maire

@btcards   Canada still has 3G but the USA does not since the end of 2022. US customers were required to get a carrier approved VoLTE phone to continue service (for the time being T-Mobile's 2G is still available to non-VoLTE phones in some areas as already mentioned, but spotty and also being shut down).

Since your data is working then you could download Fongo or TextNow or similar voip apps to use for phone calls.  If you decide to switch carriers then check first whether your particular phone is VoLTE enabled with that carrier otherwise you will have the same problem with voice calls in the USA.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

1. Make sure roaming is turned on.

2. If network selection is set to auto, make sure network type is set to LTE only. 
3. If you want to leave network type set on 5G then you have to manually search for the T-Mobile network. 
4. If your driving over the border the the phone will try to hang onto the PM network till loss of signal then it will search if you have roaming.

When I’m driving ver the border I do all the above and manually select ATT/T-Mobile before I cross. 

@btcards wrote:

Hi I have Samsung Galaxy A11, was told it should be ok.  Maybe not?

As mentioned, not on the Whitelist for Public mobile.  So VoLTE likely not going to work for this phone at the present time  It might be added in the future, but who knows.  

You could try the T mobile 2G network, but it is hit and miss reception in the USA.  

Might need to eventually upgrade phone if you want voice calling in the USA in the future. 

hi @btcards 

a11 is VoLTE but not on PM's whitelist.  you might want to try the T-Mobile 2G solution i said above

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi I have Samsung Galaxy A11, was told it should be ok.  Maybe not?



Which model phone do  you have?  Is it VoLTE compatible?  That is important for talk feature in the USA since the 3G network is decommissioned in the USA.  

Public mobile has two US partners:  T mobile or AT&T carrier.  If one carrier is not working, you can try the other.  If your phone is 5G compatible, it actually might be better to choose the LTE/4G network.  

Here is some more information:

Mayor / Maire

HI @btcards 

what phone do you have?  the talk part could be a problem if you don't have a VoLTE phone that is whitelisted on PM network

you can try to connect to T-Mobile  with network mode Automatic to make calls.  If still cannot make call, try to change the network mode to 2G and test again


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