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Issues after activation

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Did anyone have any issues after activation? This morning i subscribed for my mom’s phone on the promotion of $29(10 gb of data and all the other stuff that’s included including voicemail). Went through the subscription process and payment was successful. Told me to log into the PM app to complete the activation. Also transferred her number from bell. After the activation was successful including the transfer of her number the following issues occurred and still waiting:

1) can’t make calls but can receive calls

2) text and data(not wifi) is not working

3) can’t log into my moms my account or from the app

4) voicmail is not working or can’t setup her voicemail. Saying can’t connect. When I tried calling my moms phone I can leave a voicemail but calling the carrier voicemail just does not work.

5) tried dialling 611 and it says “account is temporarily suspended” and is asking to add funds(although the payment went through successfully at the time of subscription).

tried to submit a ticket but keeps giving me an error showing “Forbidden A1”. This error also pops up when trying to access my mom’s my account. Also tried to send a direct message to them through the community section but until now I am still waiting for an answer from them. If anyone knows or can help with these issues I would appreciate it. Thanks


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

This is really similar to what happened to me. Send a message to the Customer Service agent here: 

Even though you can't login to your account you'll still be able to message them. Make sure you watch your community "messages" inbox for their reply by refreshing every so often.

They will ask you for your details such as port number, date of payment, last 4 of your debit/credit card but once you provide it them they should be able to push it through for you. 

Worked for me and was fairly quick for them to fix it. Then I just had to reboot my phone. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am having the exact same issue with my new account. Support is non-existent. Not a good start to my time with Public Mobile.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Holita - PM is experiencing major issues with activation - including SMS issues. Please contact CS_Agent for help:

⬇️ Click the link for an Agent * ⬇️

If the link above doesn’t work correctly, please go here to create a ticket to CS_Agent:

* - CS_Agent will typically get back to you within 48 hours. * CS_Agents are at load due to iMessage activation issues so it may take longer than 48 hours. * They work 7 days a week from 9 AM to 10 PM EST.  You will be required to login to your Public Mobile Community Account to contact CS_Agent. Once you are finished making the ticket with CS_Agent, please ensure that you monitor for one of the agents responding back to you because they may notify you asking for some information via Private Message, in your mailbox by clicking this link here: Messages

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