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If my payment due date is August 27 and I'm on Autobill what time does my plan reset?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I'm out of data and my Payment Due Date is August 27. I'm set to Autobill.

What time exactly does payment come out and my renewed data coverage begin? I'll be on the road that morning and need data (not going to top up so close to my plan renewal)


Accepted Solutions

Mayor / Maire

Your plan data resets at midnight eastern on the day of your renewal. Your plan amount is either taken from your balance or charged to your autopay card at 2am eastern. 

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Mayor / Maire

Your plan data resets at midnight eastern on the day of your renewal. Your plan amount is either taken from your balance or charged to your autopay card at 2am eastern. 




As mentioned above, your plan will renew the night before.  August 26 late evening near midnight.  Data and minutes seem to reset earlier in the evening.  So, by morning, your account data should be reset once your autopay goes through.    


Getting a 1GB data add-on might not be a bad idea.  1GB for $15.  Unused data does roll over to next month.  



Mayor / Maire

you still have couple days left.. you can just buy an Addon to use for now.   It is non expiring.. so, if you don't use it up before your renewal date,  the data addon leftover will roll over to next month and kicks in when your regular data used up again.


your other choice is to open a ticket with PM to ask for early renewal 



or if you think your  data limit on your current plan won't be enough anyway,  you can Change Plan and click Change Immediately.  PM will then charge your now and start the new cycle with the new plan right a way.

Mayor / Maire

@DangitBobby the user name! As mentioned getting the $15/1gb data add on for your immediate needs and as a little insurance after renewal is more appealing once you understand its a one time purchase that does not expire and remains on your account to supplement your plan data if you run out and it rolls over every 30 days until completely consumed then it will disappear from your account.


To be absolutely assured there will be no interrupttion to your service I recommend you manually top up your account with your plan amount so it never goes to autopay upon renewal but rather just deducts your payment from your balance. This eliminates any possibility of an autopay failure because of Murphy's law and all.....


Your renewal runs pretty consistently on this time line but can very occasionally be delayed by up to 8 hours however this won't affect your service other than if you are suspended because of non payment you will just get cut off later rather than at 6am et. All times eastern.....


At about 6pm on the evening before renewal your account status will change to expired as your 30 day plan is about to expire. Unless you have no services this is perfectly normal.


On the day of your renewal at midnight eastern your plan will renew and any counters ( like data) in your account will reset to zero (0/1024mb). Rewards will be converted and applied to your balance as available funds.


At 2am eastern your plan amount will be debited from your available funds in your balance. If there is insufficient funds in your balance to cover your plan amount the difference will be charged to your autopay card as an automatic top up. Your card statement will show this amount+taxes.


Your payment history will show 30 DAY PLAN....$10 and depending on your plan either your applicable data amount 1 GB OF DATA AT 3G SPEED....$15  or 3GB/$25 or 5GB/$30 and so on or for the $15 plan the talk portion 100 Minutes Talk Booster......$5.


If an automatic top up and/or the plan/data/minute debits/credits do not show in your payment history by 3am eastern you have likely suffered an autopay fail. You will have until 6am eastern to make a manual top up and reactivate your plan. If reactivate does not take your plan amount from your balance then briefly suspend your service via lost/stolen. This forces the payment and the transactions will show up in your payment history.


At 6am eastern any account  that has not paid for their plan amount in full will have their services suspended or if its been 90 days these accounts will be cancelled and deactivated and lose their phone number. Active accounts will change from expired/suspended to active status. Occasionally this process is delayed up to 6 hours or so....check your transactions in your payment history for confirmation.


At noon eastern you will recieve two texts from 611. The first confirms your rewards were successfully applied to your account. The second confirms your plan has successfully renewed. Not recieving the second text indicates an autopay failure.**


**Although... some 611 text messages are being sent out at delayed times recently. The successful

 renewal text still comes at noon but the rewards text is coming 12 hours later at midnight eastern?!!