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Community Stats

Mayor / Maire

New members to the community often ask what kind of participation is required to earn a community reward. Here are the averaged daily post counts of the current top 15 on the bravo leaderboard.


  1. @gblackma                35.0                              
  2. @Jb456                       6.3
  3. @darlicious                 22.0
  4. @z10user4                  17.3
  5. @popping                    8.2
  6. @JoyLuck                    8.3
  7. @CannonFodder        13.0
  8. @Triguy                        8.0
  9. @geopublic                 17.7
  10. @hairbag1                   4.0
  11. @kselmak                    3.75
  12. @computergeek541  6.69*
  13. @AE_Collector            3.1
  14. @will13am                  6.63*
  15. @dabr                          3.75


     * Oracle        


**** Please do not bravo this post or the following post as its for informational purposes only.


@AE_Collector wrote:

I'm certain that looking back at the community rewards announcements or bravo leaderboard over several years, month by month would reveal exactly that, people coming and going. Large numbers of people waste spend inordinate amounts if time online, me included. The PM community is just another addiction for most of us here because we have time to be online, enjoy helping and appreciate the small rewards we may receive. But in the end once it becomes such a challenge, most will burn out and start to fall behind eventually finding a sustainable level of activity.



Good point. But I would also like to add that some good people leave because they have been discouraged by some members here that have poor people skills and don’t promote or guide us all into good discussions. 

@ShawnC13  I have posted about solution and bravo counts per post ....perhaps not as comprehensive of a list as this one. @AE_Collector bemoaned his pitiful solution percentage (no offense meant) and you added a member with a high solution  percentage that I missed. As simple as these stats are you can read into them the quality of posts. With the exception of a few of us (myself included) the vast majority of the members in the top 22 as presented have a post count of 6 or lower indicating it is the quality of posts that matter not the quantity.

      My own stats as a percentage of post/bravo/solution are very likely (without doing the math here) the worst of the entire list by a longshot. Those of you that have read many of them can decide if they are purely quantitative or qualitative or a combination of the two. Consistent top 22 members have a minimum 5 % solution rate with exceptionally few members over 10%. @AE_Collector and I have solution percentages well under 5%. But take the stats any way you want to read them.....or read into them.

@darlicious , I am a believer in free speech and not nearly OCD enough to want to move this post.  Where you placed it is fine by me.  I am just saying that there is already enough competition ripping the community apart and that there is no need to pour accelerant into the fire.  If you have lots of time on your hands and want to be helpful, how about coming up with ideas that foster collaboration instead.  What would also be of better benefit to other members are lessons on how to provide better quality posts over massive quantities as @ShawnC13 has referred to.  I know there is no leaderboard tracking quality.  Rest assured, there is tangible recognition.  

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Topics like these take the fun out of helping here, helping in its self should be a selfless act, the fact we get any kind of compensation is just a bonus.

@will13am wrote:


It is career limiting and a race to the bottom.  Every type A member that played the leaderboard game has either broken themselves over time or develop a damaging reputation.  Just look at what happened on the weekend.  It is discussions like this that squeeze the competitive juices in altogether the wrong way and lead to greater divisiveness in the community.  Achievement without respect isn't worth much.

That last sentence is something that you should be all too familiar with..... 😠

@XionBunny wrote:

Topics like these take the fun out of helping here, helping in its self should be a selfless act, the fact we get any kind of compensation is just a bonus.

Are not the first 2 posts from OP helpful? So she is willing to allow us to better understand? I see nothing wrong with it. I am a numbers person too. But this is not some thing that I would undertake. But @darlicious has taken the time and interest to do so. So why discourage? If you don't like what you see, change the channel. 

@will13am  Yes I suppose that manual (my style) collating of those stats would occupy a large amount of the time I have on my hands. But how to decide what is qualitative (variety of subject, informative, original, comprehensive) and what is not (repetitive ie macros? or repetitive in the same thread, frivolous, one line posts, incorrect/guesses) would be highly subjective.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Very well said, again, will13am! It's obvious this has become an intense competition between certain members and I'm glad you addressed it. This is why I haven't participated for a while. Hopefully, things change for the better but not sure. Everyone stay well during these dark times.

@PAULRANG18 , thank you for expressing your true feelings as a typical member.  This is exactly the issue I am trying bring out with my responses to this thread.  It is off putting to see type A members who need yet another post/bravo like they need another hole in the head come running with elbows out crowding everyone out of the way when a new response opportunity presents itself.  The community forum becomes a colosseum rather than a place to offer help.  As a result, what appears to be extraordinary effort is sullied and garner negative respect.  

I don't see this topic as fanning any flames at all, it is just information that we may not all be aware of. Of course people all interpret things differently.


Quiet here otherwise so generating some discussion.


Myself I feel like being helpful on the community by making up a template  that they can use when asking for here to fill in for their topic starting post.


Stuff like:

-plan I am on including cost, days and included data. 

-my last renewal date

-how long with Public Mobile

-my approximate location in Canada

-And likely a few more (not Too many) basic facts to include along with the OPs request for help.


But.. With no way to present the template to users asking for help and no way to encourage the first community member who replies to post the link to the template without launching into all the usual questions to pry info from the OP in hopes of getting "more Bravos" and "the Solution" ... It's hopeless.