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Change of Plan

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Some weeks ago, while setting up for a lengthy roaming period in the USA, I was told I needed to upgrade to a plan with 4G data speed and buy a roaming addon. So I elected to do that move to the 4G plan "at renewal" which was yesterday, when the full cost for my original plan was charged to my account for another month. Today I discovered that the 4G plan was not put in place "at renewal" as set up. Our trip starts shortly so the only option to get 4g speed in place in time seems to be to lose a full months payment for my original plan and pay the full fee for the 4g speed plan, this instead of paying the difference between the two plans. If the roaming in the US will not work without the 4G speed, then my best choice may now be to take the "new" money for PM and get to a US cell with a US service provider (which was my original plan). This may be the very last straw with PM for me.


Mayor / Maire


It's unfortunate you were fed misinformation in regards to the plan you needed for roaming in the US. The only apparent difference it would make is the data speed you would recieve while Roaming on the 4G LTE network. "3G"=3mbps whereas "4G"=up to 100+mbps download speeds.


If data speed makes no difference to you then you would be better off to be on the cheapest plan ($15) rather than one of the $35+ "4G" plans. If you just renewed maybe pleading your case with customer support about getting the wrong end of the stick is worth your while? They may agree to change your plan and credit your account the difference in plan price (which you can use for your US Roaming add ons?)



Read this post for more info on the latest with US Roaming.....

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@lefty4666  also I think if your going for longer then 15 days you mention lengthy trip , I think you original idea is best with local sim on your trip be cheaper and certainly more reliable 

Mayor / Maire

HI @lefty4666  You don't really need the 4G plan to get roaming

So, whatever plan you have, you can go ahead and buy US roaming


A couple of things, first use incognito mode when accessing the self serve account so that cached data is being shown.  Secondly, there's no requirement to be on a 4G speed plan on order to use roaming add-ons in the US.  With the exception of calls, everything runs on 4G/LTE network.  3G is merely a marketing term that reflects data being throttled to a lower speed as compared to 4G.

Mayor / Maire

Sheesh! I've read this once before here. You do NOT need to switch to a 4G plan to use roaming. Who told you that?

As for the plan, by the time I finish tapping ghis out on my phone there will 16 other all the little spinner refresh icons lower down to see updated information. Or use private mode.

Mayor / Maire

@lefty4666   Not sure who suggested you to change your plan to 4G because that would have no effect on your trip to the US or the roaming purchase.  It's been mentioned that data and text should be fine with roaming add-on but calls get iffy and need you to select T-Mobile and use 2G network mode on the phone.


As to the plan change, try refreshing the account by clicking the refresh icon bottom right of the account page or use incognito/private mode to login because of the sites caching problems.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


Try again  incognito mode/private mode or a different device or lap top or simply try refreshing the page when logged in



For most up to date account info