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Can/US 60GB plan

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

When I enter the US with my plan, do I need to turn on roaming to use?

If I have to turn on roaming will I be charged?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you all that replied to my question, it has been a pleasure....

Mayor / Maire

You're still roaming, even though you have a plan that covers the usage. So yes, data roaming on.

Also put the phone's preferred network in 4G mode, because 5G AT&T doesn't work.

And if your phone doesn't automatically connect to T-Mobile or AT&T, manually connect to one of them.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


FYI: Canada/US plan or not, all Public Mobile’s customers are on prepaid plans so roaming doesn’t ever have to be turned off. There will never be additional charges.

Mayor / Maire


turn Roaming on and leave it on. You will not be billed anything other than your regular plan every 30 days. My roaming has been turned on since 2018...never got any extra bill yet.

Mayor / Maire

Here's the great thing about Public Mobile @Fuzzy56 , there are no 'surprise' or 'hidden' charges or 'overages'

Around here, either something works or it doesn't work.

You will NEVER be charged for trying something or keeping things enabled or on (such as Roaming 🙂) on your device.

So, YES, turn Roaming switch on, and enjoy the services with the Canada-USA plan.

Do us a biggie - let us know your experience with the US service.   Namely the calling and data aspect of it.


Mayor / Maire

@Fuzzy56   Yes turn roaming on, you won't be charged any more than you've already paid for the plan but you might get an automatic text when you cross the border saying you are roaming and do you want to buy an add-on, just ignore it.  Make sure to be on 4G/LTE and connect to T-Mobile or AT&T, the phone might try Verizon but that won't work.  AT&T doesn't work on 5G but T-Mobile may, so best to start off on 4G/LTE.  If you don't have a VoLTE phone you will need T-Mobile's 2G for voice calls.  Since PM is prepaid there are no unexpected overage charges, things just stop working.  If you have any problems with your service come back here and we'll try to help

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

From what I've seen in the community you do need to have roaming on.  Be sure to connect to TMobile or AT&T.  You shouldn't be charged if you have the CDA/US plan.

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