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$40 15GB offer question

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen



I've received a text from Public Mobile about an offer of 15GB 4G speed data for $40/mo.


I want to switch, but have some questions about the offer as it is limited time only.


1) How long will I be able to use this plan if I end up switching? Is it available for only so many months? Can I wait until my next renewal date (March 2nd) or will the offer be gone by then?


2) Will I be able to use my $15 bill credit to lower the cost of my initial top up? I currently have a $25 plan and some promotional bonuses from when I first activated my SIM, and don't want to switch carriers again because I'm happy with my service.



Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@Breadroll  I can confirm you get to keep your current rewards and keep the plan for as long as you don’t change plans I too just switched to this plan myself 




For most up to date account info

Mayor / Maire

@Breadroll the plan is still available.  

And once you are in, you are in.  This is not one of those promos for so many months offer.  So, you will get to keep this plan and price until PM raise the price


What activition bonus you got?  is that a one time credit or ongoing?  If it is an ongoing bonus or credit, it likely will end after a plan change.  But, you have to provide use more details to that offer 

Mayor / Maire

@Breadroll    You'll get to stay on this until you ever decide to change it in the future.  The limited time mentioned is because the plan is available for a limited period for new and existing customers to switch to, however, PM has had this plan plus $45/20GB for several months now, but we have no idea when/if they will remove it. 


Just schedule the change to this plan as mentioned since PM doesn't prorate for unused days left in current cycle.

Mayor / Maire

@Breadroll You can use this plan until you change your mind or leave PM. If you reply YES it will change the plan at your next renewal. Any credits / rewards stay on your account regardless of your plan.


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