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Offer Details Clarification Needed

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

To simplify my question, I'm using these two plans for comparison purposes: 


Note that the $24 plan has a Promotion banner vs. none for the $25 plan. Otherwise, both plans' descriptions have identical reference footnote #'s (1 & 3) & asterisks (***). For additional information, customers have to click on each tile. 

This is where the first problem starts. When you click on the tile for the $25 plan, a Promotion banner appears! Because both plans offer free SIMs, at first it would seem to be in relation to that & therefore, is a banner omission on the main page; easily corrected by PM if that's the case. 


From their individual webpages, when you click on the Offer Details icon, a comprehensive list of all footnotes & asterisks pops out, i.e. it is what PM obviously uses to cover all of the possible features, for all of their plans. 

This is where the second problem shows up. The footnote references 1 & 3 are fine. The 3 asterisks on the other hand, opens up a lot of questions. Because it reads, New Activations Only, with no apparent distinction between these two plans, then there are a few possibilities. 

1 - The $25 plan is for new activations only & that should have appeared on the tile shown on the main page, not such an easy fix for PM, although they could just add that now, to apply to customers going forward.

2 - The reference also states the "$10 discount on physical SIM card available for new customers only with the purchase of a subscription plan." If they are new customers, aren't they already purchasing a subscription plan?

3 - Since the $25 plan also has this *** reference, if that's a mistake, then it shouldn't have had the SIM offer at all? Then the Promotion banner should be removed from its individual webpage & all SIM references removed from both of its tiles.  

4 - It also makes reference to a "$5 discount on physical SIM card..." Should this read, eSIM?  

5 - Is it possible the *** reference is incorrect re: new activations only, that it was really meant to be for new subscriptions only? 

Then that could be removed from the $24 plan tile on the main page, its individual page & the Offer Details pop out, which would be a gloriously, super easy fix for PM & a benefit to all of it's customers, new & old. 

Looking forward to some answers. o/




Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Replying to my own post here, as would really appreciate it if someone would give this thread a glance & see if anything else can be added by way of clarification. Thank you. o/

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Mutey Yes, if you unsubscribe from PM, then when you return, you'll be able to take advantage of whatever Promos are being offered at that time, as a new activation, just like a new customer. 

I'm guessing that they're trying to keep a handle on how much bandwidth needs to be allocated, to cover the needs for those "new activation only" plans. They know that if they opened up those plans to everyone, then in May when the old Rewards system ends, there'd be a rush by lots of us, skewing their bandwidth projections. 

I could be totally wrong about that though so... 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


If I decide to leave PM and come back a few months later, will I be consider "new activation"? 

I don't get why as an existing PM subsciber I will pay more for less and a new activation pays less for more. It just doesn't make sense. I am loyal to PM. But I also would like to get good value for money. 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Thank you hTideGnow. o/

You mean new subscriptions though right?

Because if it was new activations, then none of the plans currently offered would be available to any of us already with PM. They'd all say only available for new activations, like the $24 plan says.  

And if it's for new subscriptions for all the plans, then why would anyone already with PM need a different SIM? I have no plans right now, but say I downgrade to the $25 plan, what good is the free SIM card to me? 

I realize I can "leave" PM & then activate again, but why do that when it would be so simple to just downgrade, without having to opt out of PM first, just to come back as a "new customer".  Even then, I would use my current PM SIM card. I wouldn't need a new card. It doesn't make sense. 

Is the $5 SIM an error or, that's one of PMs quirks too?  

The wording of that whole section really highlights how illogical the decision is, to restrict the $24 plan to "new activations", which was kind of what first motivated me to do this dopey exercise.

It's given me a headache! 😒

Mayor / Maire

hi @Stelawrat at the moment, all new activations come with free eSIM or physical. So, both plans have that.  Get the $24 , it is same as $25 except with more data

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