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[Update] More is Merrier is back!

Public Mobile
Public Mobile



Thank you for your patience. We’ve received a lot more excitement than expected.

If you have responded “YES” and are waiting for your offers - hang tight, your gifts are on it’s way. Remember, you have until December 31, 2021 to redeem your holiday offers. 




Hey Community,


The season of giving has arrived and we’ve got some amazing things to give🎄.


Our holiday rewards are back and we’re giving away free data, free international long distance minutes and more, available until December 31st, 11:59PM EST


This holiday season we’re excited to share some awesome rewards:


  • Connect more with 2GB of free data
  • Chat more with 500 free international minutes
  • Share more by referring a friend and receive a bonus one-time $30 credit


I’m an existing customer; how do I redeem my holiday gifts?

  1. Between December 1st - 15th, we’ll send you a text message with your holiday gifts. 
  2. To redeem them, just reply “YES” and your free data and international minutes will be automatically applied to your account. 

I’m not a customer yet; how do I redeem my holiday gifts?

  • No problem! All you have to do is buy a SIM card and activate before December 31st.  
  • These gifts will be automatically added to your account within a week, and we’ll send you a SMS to let you know.


What else you need to know:

  • Add-on offers are available for all new and existing customers from December 1st 9:00AM ET to December 31st 2021 11:59PM ET
  • Limit of one 2GB data add-on and one 500 min international calling add-on per customer. Add-ons are one-time only and will remain on your account until fully used 
  • $30 referral bonus is redeemable only once per customer. 
    • Customer must refer a friend between Dec 1-31st using their unique referral code
    • Friend must activate before Dec 31st 11:59PM EST
    • Customer will receive a $5 bill credit/month for 6 months, for a total of $30 as long as the referred friend stays with us
  • International calling covers the following countries: Canada, United States, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Venezuela


For more information, about More is Merrier please click here 


Wishing you a happy and rewarding holiday season - from us, to you!


- The Public Mobile Community Team

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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Thanks, I am so exciting, even better than last year 😀

Mayor / Maire

Good question @kselmak , or even those accounts that are intentionally suspended.


Thanks PM !! 

OH, the anticipation that was happening wondering about this over the last few weeks have just been tantalizing!


@esjliv wrote:

 even those accounts that are intentionally suspended.



they can't receive the text so they cannot reply YES.   


Also, I think it is fair that suspended accounts do not get the offer.  Of course , I think they can reactivate again before Dec 31 and then open ticket with PM to ask for it back.


On the other hand, those who are not in Canada but are still paying (account active), they have the right to ask for the bonus

Thanks @J_PM and PM for the free add-ons and the bonus refer-a-friend credit.


The refer-a-friend credit is a great promo to keep the new subscribers to stay with PM for at least 6 months.  For people who are sitting on the fence, it is a great time to move your family mobile lines to PM.  Use the first activation to refer another family member to get $30 and the new member get 6x$5.  Use the second activation to refer another family member for another $60.  Let keep the free money within your family.  


PM offer high referral credit for both referrer and referee was 2018 and it was only $25.  Don't waste any time to get your $30.  I manage 8 PM accounts.  I will be busy this month.


Edit:  misread the promo


@Tiprix wrote:

That sounds great 🙂, Thank you PM!


Hopefully, no one thinks it's spam...

Why not? It's yummy, no?


spam fries.jpg

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I think should be 

Not applicable



What happens to those who are have a old plan includes: Unlimited Provincial Talk ​don't have access to their SMS but are still paying and active. Is there any other way they can claim the gifts,


i did try to go to manually enter Add-Ons Using Self-Serve Account there is have to pay not Free ??


I don't remember that there is a PM plan without any text message. Even my $10 50/50 plan has unlimited incoming SMS/MMS messages.  Did you use the build-it-yourself to build your custom plan back in 2017?

@Anonymous wrote:



i did try to go to manually enter Add-Ons Using Self-Serve Account there is have to pay not Free ??

unlike last year, there is no item for the Holiday bonus in the Add-on Purchase page to select and "Buy" for $0



Did I miss something? Is the $30 bonus referral credit both ways? I read it as just for the referrer.



Thanks pm!! We do appreciate that pm appreciates us. The $30 bonus referral credit was a nice touch.😉Thx....for that one w/a twist!!


A couple of questions though.....some already raised.


  1. What happens if you have an active account and cannot recieve the text? If you are outside of Canada or the US and you will not be returning in December? Or returning after the text messages are sent out?
  2. Or like me who is still looking for my phone in my house and it has a dead battery.( I'm trying to avoid a sim swap?!!)
  3. What if you can recieve the text but can't text back? Like you are in the US without a roaming add on? Or you have forwarded your calls to a voip and are using wifi or a local sim card?
  4. Or like a few of my referrals who don't know how to text or can't text back because they don't have a working screen and simply use their phone for phone calls? Can they assume they got the text and simply reply YES to the short code number by having someone else put their sim card in a smartphone and reply YES for them?
  5. Do accounts have to be active for the entire month of December? Can a customer reactivate their service on say December 7th and still recieve the text? Or on December 15th and still qualify to recieve the text? Or reactivate and reply YES to the short code as long as reactivated by the 15th?