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Anybody with bad experience with aliexpress?

Ordered $30 item on May 7. Their system shows it is delivered on May 21 by Canada Post. Not possible as it is weekend and no delivery service available. Usually delivery took 45-60 days at least. Now, with Covid it took 14 days??????Argued with the s...

Yummy by Mayor / Maire
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Re: stupidity

@hairbag1 I normally pick a questions related to my childhood event or family...very easy for only I can remember! 狼

BKNS27 by Mayor / Maire
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Is Public mobile going down hill?

I cannot help but feel more and more that Public Mobile is just making so many bad decisions that is affecting my satisfaction with the service. It all started with the proposed and even marketed (but thank fully short lived) plan where it went from ...

brettster99 by Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire
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Re: Is the US "Freedom Crows" Comparible?

@dust2dust It's like a deja vu around here.....pandemic lockdowns, disappearing threads, banned members.... For old times sake........and for good measure abyssment! I'll have a 007 please and thank you. To contact customer support : Submit a support...


Did PM make changes for Lounge posts?

I notice that Lounge posts/replies no longer show up as the latest posts edit: under Recent Discussions and sorted for Recent Replies. Did PM make more changes? edited for clarification

dabr by Mayor / Maire
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10$ deal

Just checking how can I access the 10$ deal for phone only? Can't seem to find that anymore.

dreamboats198 by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
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Re: Location

@hairbag1 made me look! Mine used to say Ontario but now it says BC. It must of changed when my IP address changed after telus updated my router. That was the IP address that @big_rick got banned for 8 months.....well it's still banned just...

$10 plan and “THE” petition.

How is it that my username shows up as signing the petition? Looks like there are some “fake”, fraudulent, trumped up entries. ....Stop Telus & Public Mobile's 30% Price Hike!..... 1. If I was to sign it, I would have used an email address that is no...

How to change username

I have entered as a username but it was no email address. How to change it.

mfarooqc by New in Town / Nouveau en Ville
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Community Rewards are a Disgrace!

@J_PM It's time to properly address the rampant gaming going on in the community. The amount of "regulars" with their own personal cheerleaders or entire squad is getting ridiculous. Whether it's targeted "against" an innocent victim or purposely to ...


I see Koodo is up to their usual

Really starting to get out of hand

JL9 by Mayor / Maire
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Re: Payment

@Chanley What is the migration deal if you don't mind me asking? edited by computergeek541: tagged member from another thread to get the member's attention/moved off-topic conversation to the lounge

JL9 by Mayor / Maire
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No more $2 autopay reward

I'm sure there are many public complaints already about this but in the off chance they actually read these forums, it is seriously a massive loss to have lost the $2/m reward. Things like this buy loyalty.

daisymenelaws by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
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