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Anybody participates in Optimity?

Optimity is based on app tracking how much steps you do a day. You have to have an app or compatible hardware to sync it with, like FitBit, Garmin Connect, Google Fir or Samsung Health.You get points for reaching daily goal (6000 steps as of now) and...

Meow by Mayor / Maire
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Provisioning a SIM via television joke

Edit: The following conversation was hacked out of the main forum. I did not start this thread.@darlicious wrote:@mtop Try adding a $1 manual top up. If that works then this is adding up to a sim provisioning issue. You might as well open a support t...

z10user4 by Mayor / Maire
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72 to go

@z10user4 Lol... Edit:That 1 made it 1111. Soon to be all time number #1.

Beautiful Evening!

Got the fire bowl going. Listening to Spotify. Playing Clue with @z10user4 and @softech

JK8 by Mayor / Maire
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Re: Unethical Practice at the retail center

@z10user4 wrote: @darlicious : Your red copy/paste needs updating. So you see @Anonymous it's not just you.@z10user4 just to you know everyone doing copy/paste not just me and also they Team from PM also they doing copy/paste.. so i hope you have to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Re: Detailed billing information

@AE_Collector wrote:I can’t help thinking we are probably lucky we don’t get charged taxes on the amount of our monthly charge covered by rewards, IE tax on $25 for the $25 plan even though it really only costs us $23. I recall in the past that Costc...

barrascuk by Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
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Red - Blue - Orange??

Pretty sure no dominant colour.. it just a matter of which colour the most... i guess

softech by Mayor / Maire
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What's on the menu?

Well some of you might have an advantage from last year's hospital stay but here goes the second annual guess what was on the menu contest.Three courses of.....?


Bad credit

Hi, i am a customer from February 2021, I have paid at time, my credit card is linked to my account. The credit score is down and they said my phone service provider has made a bad report about my historical payments, please can someone call me or co...

Raquelita2021 by Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
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In ICUs, the unvaccinated are silent...

I read an letter from an ICU doctor to an unvaccinated ICU COVID patient. It is a sad story... The doctor ask the son of this patient "Why was your dad not vaccinated?" This young kid lost his mom a few years ago. Now, his father is fighting for his ...

popping by Oracle
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3G Service in Canada and USA

Rumoured dates for shutdown of 3G in Canada and USA.In USA, on January to December, 2022 depending on the carrier.In Canada, 3 major carriers planning to shutdown on December, 2025. Does this mean that PM will be completely on 4G/LTE? I guess people ...

BKNS27 by Mayor / Maire
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Re: Top Contributors - August 2021

@darlicious wrote:.there's a paper jam in the Univac 5000!! Dang it why am I the only one who fills the paper tray?!! A little help please?!! Dang! Dang! Dang! Now I'm getting all flustered.......give up on your Univac.. i just got a new galaxy watch...

softech by Mayor / Maire
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Top Contributors - August 2021

Hi Community, Thank you to everyone who contributed to the great conversations on the Community last month! The Community could not be such a great place to get support without you all. We’d like to give a special thanks to all our members who earned...

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Silvio_M by Customer Support Agent
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I learned a new meaning of the word "RONA" yesterday... No, it is not the name of the home improvement store...No, it is not the name of a former politician Rona Ambrose...No, it is not related to accounting: Return On Net Assets Page way down... to ...

popping by Oracle
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My Neighbours are real Critters....

A little before dusk I went next door to visit the neighbour for a drink on their "patio". Not long after single mom Rocky wandered over with her rambunctious little kitties making a racket as they played climbing in and out of the big cedar tree and...

PXL_20210908_024628358.jpg PXL_20210908_024512461.jpg PXL_20210908_024403403.jpg

Vaccine Card - got it!

Just got my vaccine card online tonight! Quick and easy. I don’t plan on going to any concerts, casinos, movie theatres, gyms or sporting events where you need the proof of vaccination, but I do plan on going out to the occasional restaurant or pub w...

JK8 by Mayor / Maire
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Back to School rush

It seems a lot of parents are get a phone and PM SIM for their kids. I guess the Community will get more inquiries about activation issues.

BKNS27 by Mayor / Maire
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Am I just cheap or is this a good deal?

Just got this promo sent to my email from Public Mobile. Instead of giving us something worthwhile on our existing plans for being a loyal customer, I get this. Who watches TV anyways? I got rid of that years ago. As for internet, I am with a reselle...

JK8 by Mayor / Maire
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I wanna live life fast, I don't know how to slow downI wanna get high, I don't know how to come downHelp me now, I'm runnin' on emptyAnd I don't wanna be a memory

gpixel4 by Mayor / Maire
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