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updating payment information

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My family has a total of 5 public mobile phone numbers.  I seem to have successfully created accounts and linked the account to phone numbers for three of the five phone numbers.  Since my credit card is expiring at the end of May and I'm trying to update my card information for the remaining two numbers.  I've set up an account intended for one of my son's phones but I can't figure out how to attach his phone number to the email and login information so that I can manage my payment information. How does the phone number get attached to my account? 



Since you don’t remember the unique email addresses for each account.

Click on the Chat icon and have an agent to assist you with upgrading your accounts. Make a note of all emails linked to each numbers for future reference.

Then download the PM app for each of the phones for easier account account but the drawback is your son can access the account and make additional Add-on purchases.

Mayor / Maire

Each number has to have its own account at PM. You cannot have multiple numbers attached to one account.

Thus you have to create account for each number you manage and every time you want to manage them you have to log in into those separate accounts.

As for updating credit card info word is that the best way is to do that is through app. App HAS to have location permission granted.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I don't think I understand what I'm looking for which I'm sure is adding to my frustration.  I used a unique email address to open a Public Mobile account and set a password to the Public Mobile account (I'm running out of unique email addresses but I managed to find one that's still active) .  Now I  appear to have the Public Mobile account but there's nowhere to link my son's phone number to it much less access the payment information so I can update my card information.

Mayor / Maire

Welcome @frustrated_mom 


Each phone number has to have a seperate email address. There is no way to attach multiple numbers to the same address or visa versa.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@frustrated_mom - Do you mean to receive OTP verification for logging in?
Just go to My Account > Profile > Manage EverSafe > Hit the arrow next to his phone number and put in yours to receive the OTP codes.

Your son will not lose his number.

Also you will need to use a different email per account. Payment info can be the same.

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