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requesting a SIM card with the same number

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


My public mobile SIM is damaged. I would like to change my SIM but without having a new number. 

How can I do that ? 

please advice ? 

thanks in advance. 


@DennyCrane- Oh I agree. I don't understand how people can wait for the mail. I can't stand the waiting. The question was asked - how can I buy a new sim card - those are the ways. I would always choose to buy from a store.

@dust2dust I don't recommend buying direct from Public Mobile, especially if their current sim is damaged and they need to get up and running quickly. It can take weeks to be delivered.

Amazon for $4.99 is a great deal:

Public Mobile Prepaid SIM Prepaid Phone - (Universal/SmartPhones), Packaging May Vary

Or find a local retailer:

You can buy online from here, from Amazon, and in corporate stores. Click on the Pick up a sim card link down below to find a store near you. Call ahead to check stock.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

@Handy1 How can I buy a new SIM card

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks, Mayor,

How can I get a new SIM card? 

Mayor / Maire

@MohmedESelim  get a new SIM card in hand then log into your account profile page and sim. Add swap the number like this 

SIM  SWAPPING  profile tabs



Note only do this on lap top or computer/ not mobile device

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