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When are the payment, text and activation issues going to be resolved?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

When are the important issues going to be resolved? I cannot in good faith recommend PM to anyone I know with payment, text and activation issues still ongoing. As well there is now long wait times for help. One friend regrets activating with PM when his activation failed and needed to contact an agent. Another friend I told to forget PM. Too many issues. Customers depend on their service working 24/7 for banking, authentication, important calls (doctor) etc. Everything works for the most part once you are set up and not going to make any changes to your account, but you need to get there first. Now they have an app and self service via the web to maintain. Both have issues. Instead of giving us new avatars they need to prioritize what is really important to a customer. I would love to get more referrals to help bring my bill down but I cannot recommend PM to my friends because it would feel like a bait and switch. That is my rant for the day.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Sadly, still not resolved for me inspite of  constant followup with CS.

It's really a pain to keep having to go and buy a voucher every time and use that for recharging, for 5 different accounts in the family! I've finally pulled the plug and moved with another provider for all accounts, after over 7 years with PM!

Main reasons: 1. No resolution for the payment issue with saved card. 2. The new rewards take away the incentive to stay with PM, and was forced on us even though PM had said we could keep the old one.  

Bye for now, and thanks to the community for your help over the years!


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Same here, cc expired and there is no way to update my payment info. They managed to put the account on hold but can't provide a viable solution to edit your crucial account info. Total clown show in this day and age.
I'm happy to do a certain amount of work myself for getting a good deal but the amount of time I wasted with chat bots and clueless CS agents is simply not worth it. And don't get me started on the 'trusted device' checkbox. If you can't get a simple web design like this right maybe you have hired the wrong people.
Not with it, I'm out, changing providers.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Nope, the Telus web site works fine. in less than 20 seconds I can complete payments there. 

But yes, you're correct, this is sad. This is 2024 and with payment technology as advanced as it is, even small outlets get that part right at least! I've already spent over 2 hours of my work day trying to get this sorted but no luck. Still no service. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Completely agree. This has been an ongoing issue for so long that PublicMobile seems to just ignore. And the impact is so huge, your service is stopped because of something so minor like the card expiry date cannot be updated. We cannot even add a new card.

Maybe once or twice you can go to a store and buy a voucher (not sure where I can et one in BC), but to have to track and do this every month is ridiculous! 

Almost 7+yrs with PublicMobile but now am seriously looking for a better provider. With the rewards now gone, it's hard to find reasons to stick with them.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I just opened a ticket with an agent and did all the different things he asked me to do with no results. He said if those things did not work that it is an Apple issue and gave me their number. Apple said it's a carrier issue so they cannot help me. Going in circles.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have given up on the service myself, after trying for 2 weeks on 3 separate days, on three devices with 2 different operating systems. It is actually ridiculous how bad this service is, unless they intentionally want to drive customers to a top tier provider. They can then tie up the bargain price service customers, and frustrate them until they give up, like me. I will be going to Bell or Rogers though, if this is how Telus companies perform.

Mayor / Maire

I recommended two co-workers to PM couple weeks ago one said yes, and that they would also bring over a child.  The other one said no. The one that had said yes did not do it in the end.  I'm so glad that they changed their mind because honestly, as a co-worker, I would be so embarrassed if the transfer was completed and have all these issues that I'm seeing. You can imagine how I would be blamed for the issues. It's totally embarrassing 😳.  I also at this time have no confidence in this company. 

Mayor / Maire

It become difficult to recommend PM to other people as I am afraid they will come after me screaming why this and that does not work!!

Personally do not have issue with SMS/MMS/calls but am wandering what will happen when time comes to update credit card info.
I cannot imagine how people feel when they try to use service they PAID for and it does not work.

Mayor / Maire

hi @Hollister 

I think, or I hope, the text issue can be fixed soon

but the payment issue has been forever.  Some said even the payment system in Telus side has similar glitches and we likely just inherited it from there. Sad

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