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Upgrade negotiation

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm not too happy with my current contract ($25 or so for 1.5GB). I know that when I've been with previous providers, I have spoken with customer service and negotiated a better contract. But I know I can't do that with PUBLIC so I was wondering if it was possible any way without in-person support. I'm only looking for a couple more GB for the same price, after almost two years of being a loyal customer. Any advice?


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

But - would they possibly give account $$$ credits?

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Notice how just about every business including us consumers is all about money $$$$ ?

Notice that even the gas stations seem to lower their prices late at night but  keep high during the time when most are in a hurry and need to gas up?  Notice that grocery chains always have higher pricing just before hollidays ? Notice that steaks are priced higher during BBQ season? 

Well we also need to negotiate -

Mayor / Maire


so be more happy and change plan to a higher data.


Each plan is the best, but it's depends on your budget, which plan you like to pay for, and how much data you need to use.


check it out all Plans (


Tipc: when you like to chnage plan, use browser from computer,and clear cache and cookies and use one page inPrivate mode,or safari on private mode, To Login Page

and go to Plan & Add-ons, and scroll the plans using the down and up arrows on the far right. select the plan you want, and select ‘Change plan now’ then you pay full price plan, or ‘Change plan on renewal date’ you not losing any money..

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Like others mentioned, you won't get that with PM. PM did give some data bonuses for Christmas last year but that's only a one time bonus and not recurring every month.


You can also try looking for tablet plans. There are some that provide 4GB for an additional $15-20+tax per month of course. Be mindful that you'd be subject to a credit check if going this route. Other than this, the only way to get more data is to up the plan you have.

Mayor / Maire

Move on. 

Try to use your current plan specifics to get a better deal elsewhere. back......welcome back......

Telus had another phrase they used to welcome back returning customers and they had funds for discounts....probably the same $ as Loyalty. 


Never the less, shop, compare, look for deals on Craigslist and market place.  Approach a different carrier and just keep saying....not good enough. Best over phone and not a retail setting. 


Mayor / Maire

Nope. PM does not negotiate. What you see is what you get.

Mayor / Maire

@Grrubb   As you mentioned PM doesn't offer any special deals for customers, no matter how long they've been here.  Your option is to upgrade to a plan with more data but you'll pay more for it.  


Are you sure that you're receiving 1.5GB data for the $25 plan?   I've only seen 1GB for $25..


@Grrubb   Sorry, PM is a prepaid provider, the plans it provided are all fixed.  There are no special way to get better deals, certainly no unadvertised plans)


Also, the $25 plan is only for 1GB (used to be 500Mb + 500Mb for Autopay,  PM has now removed the needed to have Autopay and it is 1GB whether you have Autopay enabled or not)


Honest, at the $25-$35 price range, there is really no deal out there that give you better than this.  All Tier 3 carriers have similar plans.  If you are willing to switch, some will provide short term signup bonus (like those 2GB extra for # months provider by PM to new subscribers)   


if you are willing to pay $40 or so, you can shop around for slightly better plans

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