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Unable to receive Eversafe code via phone

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


Recently switched from Rogers to Public for my mothers phone 4 days ago. Noticed we had not received a port-out message from Rogers for the cancellation. Rogers account is still showing as active and they are telling me I need to contact Public to re-send the port-out message. I am unable to log in to Public due to Eversafe ID. I am not receiving any SMS confirmation messages for the passcode. All other regular texts work (If I text her for example). I do not see any other options for an e-mail check and I have tried putting it in 4 times to see if it would work this way. 

Any help would be appreciated here,



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Can I ask if you have any updates? I am in the same situation where I am moving from Rogers but I cannot get the OTP through texts.... It is incredibly frustrating and I would love to know how you got your issue resolved. Please let me know thank you.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

can i please get the same DM? I have the exact same problem with rogers as well. rogers told me that it has not been cancelled and I am still with Rogers.



It looks like that your port was not completed.  I will DM you the Telus porting team phone number.  They can help resent port request.  Make sure that you keep the Roger's SIM card in the phone to receive the port request. 

Check your private message inbox (envelope icon upper right corner of website)

Mayor / Maire

@TJ6   It sounds like you may not have left your Rogers sim in the phone to receive their text for authorization of the port?  You can contact PM customer service by using this link to send a private message 

They should be able to help with both the log in and the port request.  An agent will reply at the envelope icon top right or tap your avatar for Messages if no envelope.  For the porting issue only there is a phone number also.  I will private message it to you, check your inbox in a few moments.

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