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Stolen number

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Can anyone tell me why Public Mobile would transfer my phone number to a customer without my permission? I recently received a request to transfer my number to a new Public Mobile account. It was either a fraudulent request or a mistake (unknown). Despite declining the request, my number was definitely transferred to a complete stranger with a public Mobile account. I have evidence to back up my claim. The person was able to receive and send SMS and phone calls. Where the HELL is the security around here? 


Mayor / Maire

HI @AnisLiker   are you on another carrier and a new PM subscribers took your line?  

To port your number, they need to have your account information.   You should check if your info was leaked somehow.  Maybe you posted those information somewhere? 

Sim Fraud is not as often as before with the need of Porting Authorization Text.   So, if your number still got ported out , it was compromised with the carrier you are on.  From your posts, it sound like it was not PM (as PM does not have a call centre for you to call on the phone for 4 hours) , so please check with your carrier why the process was not followed.    If PM can easily ported out your number because your carrier didn't follow the protocol , it could happen another day again with another carrier request porting your number.  Also, if your info was leaked, those hackers will come and try again

Good Luck and keep us posted.  

Mayor / Maire

@AnisLiker - I am trying to figure out if you are a new Public Mobile customer that ported from another provider over to Public Mobile, OR, if you are not a Public Mobile customer and you received information that your number is being used or was assigned to a Public Mobile customer.

If this is the latter, than it has occurred before that Public Mobile lists phone numbers available to customers to use when activating with Public (maybe even given the option when changing numbers too), that are already assigned to people, within Public Mobile and outside of Public Mobile (currently with another provider) which may be the case you are speaking of. Of course, THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN, ever, in my opinion. So if this was your situation, I totally get your anger.

I think I understand that you got the number back now? That is good. 

Speaking about issues in the community, such like this one, is helpful in that other customers may experience this and get help to correct/report it. Otherwise, I definitely would send this complaint and all the grievances you've experienced with it to Public Mobile customer support (CSA). Heck even talk or write to Telus about it, they should know too.

@softech provided the link to submit a ticket to CSA already in one of their posts, but I will provide it as well here: Private Message to Public Mobile Customer Support Agents (CSA). If I understand what happened correctly, asked to be in communication to the supervisor and express the issues you have experienced. 

Here are a couple number you may want to consider calling; not sure what they can do for you, but you could inquire with them further on this.

Privacy Request Center with Public Mobile (Telus): 1-855-220-2400

Fraud Management with Public Mobile: 1-647-837-7030 or 1-844-474-4141


Mayor / Maire

Self solved solution? 🎣

@AnisLiker   monitor your inbox for PM's support reply.  They usually reply within an hour or two only during their support hours, 9am to 10pm EST

and which provider you had that gave out your number?  is that Rogers?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

@softech alright thanks for the condescending and unproductive waste of all our time. I'll quit responding to you now. At least my provider has a human being on the other end that I can afford to pay to find answers. Unlike PM with some sarcastic chatGPT bot. I'll never use or recommend PM because they push you out to public discussion boards to interact with snotty keyboard warriors like you. Never was PM customer. Never will be because nobody cares but to bitch and complain on this forum. I already submitted a ticket and will wait 5 wks to hear back. 

@AnisLiker   the story does not make much sense.  Even the part from the lady does not make sense, she received a sim from PM? Maybe she didn't tell you the full story?  Like you believe if she got all your information, she will tell you "Sorry, i happened to know your account number and phone number and so i tested if it works.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  " 

And from what I understand,  you are not a PM's customer. 

Adn PM got the porting info from a new client, passed over to YOUR PROVIDER.  Of course PM has no way to validate the info.  Your own provider is there to confirm the details and then send you a text for your final approval.  You said NO, but they still  released the line.  They were the one released your line, not PM, and caused your downfall.  PM asked, and your old provider handed over the number.  So, which provider had more responsibilities?

So, , keep working with your provider, whether Telus, Virgin, Bell, or Koodo, or Rogers, Fido, Chatr or Lucky or Freedom or Shaws or Videotron (did i miss any?) and ask them why they release your line even you said NO

At the same time, you can also open ticket with PM , message them:

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on top right) after the ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply to you there
Of course, don't forget to come back and update us



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

@softech @What does it matter if it's Telus, Virgin, Bell or Koodo? Point is a PM client got ahold of my number because of sloppy customer service. Answer constructively or move on.

@AnisLiker wrote:

I spent four hours on the phone with my provider today trying to figure this out.

@AnisLiker   your provider is not PM? Who is your provider?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

@softech I did decline the request authorization. My number was still transferred. I can confirm it was sent to someone with a PM account as I was able to contact the person (name was Nicole) using my wife's phone. They confirmed they had received a SIM from PM. Sounded confused as I was about why they were getting my messages. I also received text authorization requests to my number for a PM account from EverSafe before my number went offline. Again, I declined or ignored all text requests to transfer. Still, my number was transferred to the PM client.

I know what I'm talking about... I spent four hours on the phone with my provider today trying to figure this out. I've though through every angle including your suggested spoof call ID. This simply doesn't make sense and nobody from PM is taking this seriously. Probably because nobody takes PM seriously. 

Managed to retrieve my number later today after replacing SIM and securing my phone. This caused me to have to take time off work to deal with it because it obviously is a serious security issue.

Again - where is the security around here? 


@AnisLiker first, transfer requests are  initiated by another provider, if whoever have way to find out your IMEI  or account number and your phone number ,they can submit the request. PM has no control on who requested that. That's why there is a text authorization part, and you can deny it

And, if someone actually got a hold of your number and can receive text and call, that would also mean you already lost access to your phone number and you are not receiving calls and text.  So, are you still using your number?

This is a serious thing.  If someone can get the text on your number , they can potentially get 2FA sent to their phone and can get access to your email/banks, etc.

But, don't get mixed up with people can "call using our phone number".  To be honest, they didn't really call using your number , they just fake the caller id, this is called Caller id spoofing

So, are you sure people can receive text and calls on your number? if people call you  , that stranger receiving the call and not you?

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