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Still not able to activate

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I selected esim at checkout and my phone isnt combatible so i bought a sim card. People keep telling me to add it into profile settings but there is no option to in my case. I tried posting a picture but it's to big apparently. I messaged cs yesterday and they have not replied yet.

any other suggestions


@Kennedyh   Best to contact customer service again, use this link if you didn't have it already 

I'm  assuming they haven't replied yet, make sure to check either the envelope icon top right on this community page or, if there's no envelope icon, click on your avatar and select Messages from the drop down.  Is it possible they  may have replied there and you didn't see it - there's no indication on the avatar itself that there's a private message in Messages

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


I don't see the arrow in the app is just this 

Screenshot_20231128_163207_Public Mobile.jpg

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I tried that and I don't have those options there's no sim card section under phone number I tried to post a picture but it's to big

Mayor / Maire

@Kennedyh  You cannon cars swap the number in your profile page in your account 

SIM  SWAPPING  profile tabs



Note only do this on lap top or computer/ not mobile device

Mayor / Maire

@Kennedyh   Are you able to see the Profile section of your account?  If not, there is a + at the bottom left if using the app, or a > at the bottom left of the account when using a browser.  That should give you access to your options.

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