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Service Issues - Any Idea how to Fix the problem? Root Cause?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I'm having service issues with my iPhone 13 on the Public Mobile network.

The issue occurs in multiple locations in the city and seems not to be connected to a single cell tower based on this.

What happens: As I'm on the phone with someone, I get a verbal message notice stating "I am disconnected" and then it reconnects me back to the original conversation with the person 5 to 15 seconds later. What could be causing this?

I already messaged customer service to do an internal network reset on my PM account.

I also requested replacement SIM card to rule out faulty SIM.


Could there be another reason for this problem I'm experiencing?


(This issue occured right after I upgraded from iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone 13 using phone to phone transfer. The new phone is identical to the old phone with latest IOS version 17.3.1 and its also a brand new device from apple purchased within last month) I do feel its not the phone. Strongly feel its associated with my PM account.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

@softech  @Chalupa_Batman 


I already reset network settings and even after Public Mobile did internal network reset I'm still experiencing the issues.

I've restored my iphone to factory settings. in process now of restoring a backup.

I requested PM to mail replacement SIM.


@edfit are yuue us8ng 5G On Settings?? try changing network mode to 5G Auto as well as 4G and test it for couple days and see if it makes a difference 

Mayor / Maire

Hey @edfit 

The only thing I can think of is to reach out to a CS Agent and ask them to reset your network on their end. You'd have to keep your phone off for a short period of time to see if that helps. You can also go into Network Settings and turn off automatic and pick Public Mobile then reboot and see if that helps too.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I've also reset "Network Settings". Any other ideas how to fix the problem or what could be causing this?

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