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SMS notifications not happening

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am not receiving notice of SMS messages coming in.  Also sometimes the messages do not show up for hours after they were sent to me.  Often the messages will not have a time stamp. I have checked and verified all my phone notification settings are correct. This has been happening for months since I bought a new Motorola 5G Ace. Is it the phone or the service? Any ideas on how to resolve this?  Thanks.


@philip169382- You have some replies in your own thread earlier.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have a LG Q6 and I stopped receiving SMS at since last Thursday.  I looked at your suggestions with no luck.  I guess I will visit the neighborhood Telus office for assistance

Mayor / Maire

Mayor / Maire


I would suspect it is something with the device or app.

Can you uninstall your messages app, then go ahead and reinstall it?


edit, removed same info as @hTideGnow already included, sorry missed that.


Unlikely to be Public mobile service issue.

Likely phone set up issue, specifically with messaging app. Could even try a different texting app. 

I did a quick google search:


Mayor / Maire



Try adjusting Chat messages options.


  1. tap Messaging app, 
  2. tap 3 little dots top right, 
  3. select Settings, 
  4. under Chat settings, scroll to "Select default messaging type", 
  5. toggle it to Automatic or Text/multimedia msg

Mayor / Maire

@Charmaine1234 you didn't just joined PM, right?but calls and data work??

try reboot phone

try clear message app cache 


try to "reset all network"

try to use your sim on another phonr