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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I would like refund for the unused funds in my account.  I have read the policy on no refunds but I also was not getting the service I paid for which was supposed to be 5G.  Most of the time the service was on LTE & even when it was on 5G it was grotesquely slow.



@MMO sorry, PM is a prepaid provider and do not provide refund

For 5G issue, which phone are you using? Sometimes, you phone power saving mode disable 5G for you to save power. Please disable power save mode, and if you have iPhone, change network mode to 5G On 

If you really want to leave PM, you need to turn off Pre-authorized payment.  

To disable Pre-Authorized payments (Turn off Subscribed) , you can do it by one of the following:

Mayor / Maire


best to start complaint process using this link...


Mayor / Maire


What’s your describing is likely a device settings/limitations and/or environmental based issues

they’re not going to give you a refund for that @MMO 

Mayor / Maire

@MMO  sorry PM is pre paid and no refunds , if you left PM the account is closed and so are the available funds that were on it .always best to leave PM few days before your renewal so you don’t lose money 💰. But you. Can try your luck with support 

can send a  private message   To CS_Agents

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