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Holiday Bonus GB Add Ons (2GB x 2 and 1GB Freebie) missing after plan change

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I used to be on the $39 / 20GB Plan, then selected the $34 / 40GB Black Friday Promo plan which was set to change today. I noticed that the Holiday Freebies I had ;

2GB One Time Data Bonus x 2 

1GB One Time Data Bonus x 1 (Reward) (No Expiry)

are missing from my account now. I messaged @CS_Agent . Has anyone else experienced this with the new plan switches?


Mayor / Maire


your freebie data buckets should still be available for future use. Click the little spinner icon on bottom right side to get current info. If it's not adjusted correctly, use that link to message a CSA...I'm sure they'll make it right for you.


Mayor / Maire

@CityCrow  I heard it just goes incompatible but still on your account should you change to 4G plan again as the new 5G plan you have has unlimited data . I keep my long stance add ons are those still there for you 

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